What Happens When You Drop Coffee on Your Laptop? – 5 Tips to Follow

Have you ever thought what would happen if you spill a cup of coffee or tea on your favourite laptop while working on an office project? Your laptop might be your lifeline but there are unprecedented accidents that you simply cannot avoid. What if you are talking to your friend on phone and you suddenly drop your device in a bucket of water. Would you panic or look for options to recover your device?

Here are some possible measures of preventing a laptop to malfunction even after you pour a drink on it.

In the very first step, you need to unplug the laptop from any power source. Avoid your laptop from facing short-circuits. When the liquid flows inside the laptop, it hampers the internal part of the machine and creates a situation of short-circuiting. Hence, you need to impede the flow of electricity to your laptop.

In the second step, you need to unplug the adapter and consider removing the laptop battery. A lot of people might ask why. Here is why! This step would stop the flow of electricity completely and you will dodge all kinds of possible shocks that might occur to you.

In the third step, you should turn the laptop upside down so that the water inside it goes out of the device. This is an important step to follow only if the laptop contains very little amount of water.

In the fourth step, you need to utilise a sponge or a piece of cotton to wipe out the keyboard parts where water got spread. You need to apply the cloth to the affected area of the keyboard. For liquid other than water such as juice, coffee, or tea, you must apply a wet cloth to force out the gummy residue that remains deposited on the keyboard of the laptop.

In the penultimate step or fifth step of the process, you need to brake off your laptop device and clean up the components one by one. You need to handle each and every component with care. At first, you need to dry them out in the open air or by switching on the fan of your room. Avoid using blower or dryer on the motherboard. One key reason for not allowing the dryer to suck the moisture is the possibility of probable damage to the chipset. It would cost you the entire motherboard.

In the sixth step or the final step of the process, you need to reunify the components and see how the laptop is working.

If it fails to function properly, then you might need to consult an expert.

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