Do You Know You Can Tie Your Shoelaces with The Help of Your Smartphone; Introducing Nike Adapt

Ever heard about the concept of ‘self-lacing sneakers?’ If you are an eminent movie-buff, then you might have recognised the same name received its first mention in one of the dialogues from the famous Hollywood movie ‘Back to the Future’. However, you must be delighted after receiving the information that the world’s leading sports-apparel brand, Nike, has decided to launch ‘Nike Adapt BB’ that can be managed from a smartphone.

This is the shoe of the next generation that is ready to write a new chapter in the history of modern science innovations. This innovative, pioneering shoe is enabled with ‘power laces’ that are equipped with the ability to fasten or disentangle at the touch of a single button on the shoes or the same can be exercised with the help of the smartphone connected app.

As per the news published in the official Nike blog, the sports shoe is designed for basketball players. They will be facilitated with the flexibility of programming the shoe to a multitude of fit settings and can toggle across situations like resting or playing a game.

When you place your foot inside the shoe, the host platform records the movement and makes significant adjustments to keep your foot straight. The shoes are provided with a couple of LEDs and through the usage of a linked application, you can customise the lighting colours.

Nike intentionally selected basketball as their preferred game because of the demands that have been escalated for putting on such smart shoes. During a normal basketball session, the athlete’s foot experience minor changes. A player quickly changes his fit by loosening his shoe for augmenting the blood flow and then tightening it again to improve his performance. Hence such shoes are necessary for basketball players as being stated by Eric Avar, Nike VP Creative Director of Innovation.

The shoes are composed of batteries that supply power to the gear train, motor and ensure connectivity with the smartphone and the LEDs that continue for upto 2 weeks as suggested in a report by Nike. The new Nike Adapt model is all geared up to hit the brick and mortars next month with a price tag of $350, roughly around Rs.25,000 in India. However, the company has refrained from announcing the exact price of these smart shoes and when they are going to be launched in India

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