4 Technology Trends That Will Shape The Future in 2019

Predicting the future in today’s scenario requires excessive self-confidence, and as a result, it should be met with a keen consideration as well as scepticism. Over the past years, we have made plenty of predictions which made their mark in recent years. Among such predictions included one stating that the social media would determine the U.S presidential elections and some more of them were there in the line.

Over the years, we have learnt one simple thing. The best way to see the future is to hang out with the people who are shaping it. When you work with a top multinational company which has a leading mark in innovations and technology, it is much easy to recognise the latest trends which will impact the current day society.

Over a thousand technology innovations are present in this extremely high-tech world, but the best ones of 2018 are as follows:

1. IoT transforms into BIoT

One of the biggest mistakes most people commit is underestimating the potential of tremendous growth in this world of hyper-technology and innovation. Whereas in the case of Automobiles, it took some time because the would-be drivers had to wait in lines for the roads as well as gas stations to be built entirely.

However, if we see towards the modern day drastic changing scenario, it will surely leave millions of people stunned all of a sudden. Today’s high-tech based situation rely on the existing infrastructure which puts most companies just a mere click away from their billions of customers.

From all those things, one is the IOT, which has involvement in adding the smart sensors for connected devices so that they can perform in a more productive as well as innovative way.

For example
Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most prominent examples of IoT as it is a kind of digital assistant who can perform all the essential tasks as well as operations with ease and comfort.

However, with the involvement of Blockchain, it can make IoT a lot more useful than you think. For instance, it creates digital record across a range of thousands of computers and also reduces the risk of hacking in either case.

Merging IoT with blockchain-BIoT flourishes a whole host of new services and gives complete new business models.

BIoT can be a saviour to track different shipments of pharmaceuticals, and they can also be used in the creation of smart cities which will help for creating heating systems for better control regarding energy use and manage traffic lights more profoundly.

2. The Fintech Renaissance

In the era of bitcoin and blockchain all over, and major headlines of 2017 covered by these two supergiants, mobile payments have also changed the global financial markets to a great extent.

As per the reports, in China, the mobile payment volumes have gone through a level of par excellence. In numbers, a whopping amount of $5 trillion was exceeded which was, in turn, one of the most significant achievements for China as far as their financial economy is considered.

In 2018, a look for biometrics such as the facial recognition, fingerprint or the voice ID can help in making shopping a lot smoother and easier. Due to this, there will be no need of swiping your cards as all of the checkouts can be done in a pretty quick manner.

Fintech Greener Move

Fintech will also likely to adopt a greener revolution in 2018 as the cryptocurrencies are reaching a whopping amount of $300 billion regarding their total value and there will undoubtedly be a financial incentive for the investments as far as quantum computing is considered.

Analytics now claim that the banks will derive over $1 billion in terms of annual revenue from blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

As a result, going green and implementing specific well-tested metrics will inevitably translate into earning more greens in the upcoming future.

3. Augmented reality becomes the Center head

The most popular game Pokemon was evidently based on Augmented Reality, and it unleashed a billion dollar demand for all those augmented reality entertainments. Special thanks have to be given to the introduction of augmented reality glasses as well as HUD (Heads Up Displays).

Also, AR will surely customise the in-store experiences and with all the other mannequins which match our body and also display the wanted list of item to rival any other online site.

Regarding merchants, they will use AR with their packaging so that they can demonstrate their videos when anyone will look at their product.
Apart from the above examples, there are much more which will surely change the modern day perspectives in a short period.

4. 2019- A year of the Bots

All of us have got used to speaking to bots whenever we opt for booking plane tickets through an an airline reservation system. Also, the usage of natural language bots will shift the gears from customer service agents to become a routine for everyday living.
Home Bots will do every household work with absolute ease and comfort such as “Its time to drink your Coffee” where each bot will be at your service in a short period.
Apart from the above scenario, Bots will also help children as well as act as financial investors to explain the pros and con are in investing in a particular property.

With Smartphone’s staying in our pockets, businesses are looking to spend vast amounts of money on chatbots in 2018 as it will reap higher productivity as well as increased revenue for them.

In the current scenario, I believe that these four predictions are the driving force in changing the contemporary world and producing a newer face of dynamics in innovation. At last in this era of endless innovation, the only guaranteed way which you can be sure about is that the future will be a lot more different as well as productive than we see in the current date scenario.

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