Top 5 Strategy and Sports Android Games for January 2019

With the beginning of a new year, a whole new android gaming season kicks off for all of us. There are hundreds of genres based on which there are thousands of games on Play Store. Here we have mostly focused on picking out the top games in the section of strategy and sports. Choosing the perfect game for you might be a little too much to ask for since you are already soaked in your hectic schedule. Hence, we do the odd job of picking the best strategy and sports games you should consider playing at the beginning of this year.

Here is the detailed list. Choose wisely!

‘Fallout Shelter’

This is often touted as one of those addictive android sim games in the world of mobile gaming. The challenge is to create an underground path for the inhabitants and build a vault for their sustenance. The biggest hurdle is to keep them alive against raiders, radroaches, and other threats.

‘Plants vs Zombies 2’

Interested in battling against the nasty zombies? This game gives you the perfect platform to display your outrageousness against the ghastly creature. Get deeply involved in the game by carefully construct your garden of doom to counter the raging assault of the zombies and tactfully dodge their attacks. The game has been set across diverse worlds of themes and situations that would even enhance the charm of the gameplay.

‘Clash of Clans’

Going by the game title, it is imperative to say that the game does not need any special mention since it has become a household name for every gamer. You might have played Age of Emperors previously on your laptop or desktop, and this game works on the same module with major advancements in graphics, storyline, and game controls. You need to be a strategic expert for establishing your settlement, planning your defences, building an army and making your tribe victorious in the bloodshed against the ominous goblins or other tribe leaders. This game is a sheer manifestation of diplomatic strategy building and rampant warfighting.

‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2018’

Pro Evolution Soccer is a familiar game among the passionate soccer fans. Although it its next to FIFA franchise in terms of popularity, still it manages to hold onto a large number of fans because of its impressive gameplay and swift controls. The game is conventionally played on PlayStation and PC but the makers of this game have taken a step forward in making the game available on play store for the Android gamers. The game is free, and you don’t have to shell out money, from your pocket to purchase extra players. There is an acute scarcity of quality mobile soccer games, and PES smoothly fills the void.

‘Hockey Nations 18’

For an average addict of hockey games, this game has a lot of significance. It is a game that creates a promotional platform for the Winter Olympics and gives you a chance to participate in the competition among more than 80 teams. The game consists of 40 North American teams, 27 Russian League Teams, 19 international teams, and two all-star teams. If you are an ice-hockey addict and interested in watching it, this might be the right game to spend your leisure.

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