5 Best Android Pie Launchers For Your Android Phone

The android pie version of Google has been already rolled out in the second half of 2018. Those users who are yet to receive an update on their respective devices might be searching for android Pie launchers. Although there is a multitude of options available on the playstore, here is an esteemed list of launchers that would work fine on your phone.

List of Android Pie Launchers

P launcher for Androidâ„¢ 9.0 launcher

This launcher comes at free of cost. It has a size of 8 MB. This launcher looks attractive and on paying some additional bucks, you will get access to more gestures and app lock functionalities.

Super P launcher for Android P 9.0 launcher

This is another android pie launcher that deserves special mention on the list. It has an impressive appearance and is provided with the prime key that would cost you a few extra bucks. On buying the key, you will be enjoying ad-free features such as folder addition, app-hiding, and more transition effects. It comes with a booster that is designed to speed up the operations of your mobile apps. It has 6 MB of size and the basic features come at free of cost.

PP Launcher (Android 9.0 P Launcher style)

PP Launcher is renowned for generating a unique look and feel for your Android 9-enabled smartphone. It has a size of 8 MB. Apart from having the basic features, it has a visually appealing night mode. Its prime key would come at a price.

P9 Launcher (Androidâ„¢ 9.0 P Launcher Style)

This specific launcher comes with a size of 5 MB. It does not have any special feature but its prime key is a little more expensive than the others. Apart from having an uncluttered interface, there is a unique G symbol on the main screen that opens a browser with the launcher on clicking it.

Android P Launcher 9.0 launcher

This launcher has a size of only 2.3 MB, lowest on the list. This launcher offers an arrangement of 5 app icons in a single row. It only enhances the appearance of the Android Pie. It does not come with special features like app-hiding, applock or system booster.

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