How to Share Netflix Movies and Shows as Instagram Stories?

Netflix, the leading online entertainment provider, is on the verge of launching an advanced feature, that would let the users share movie and web series directly to Instagram Stories.

From today onwards, you will be able to share movie titles, or web shows you are binge-watching on Netflix as an Instagram story.

At first, the feature will be rolled out for the users of the iOS version of the mobile app but soon the android users will be able to enjoy this unique feature of Netflix.

Here is a look at how these features work

Netflix has reportedly integrated Instagram functionalities for content sharing, and it becomes a positive move in order to engage the users more on both the platforms. We all know how the people in our world are incredibly addicted to social media. They feel interested in sharing their part of lives whether it’s their fancy music or fine dining experience in a 5-star.

Last year, a similar trend was observed, in which FB has given permission 3rd party applications to facilitate sharing of content as Instagram stories. This year, Netflix took the benefit of this integration facility, allowing the users to share their shows/movies as Insta Stories.

This advanced feature would help you to view a new ‘Instagram Stories’ option on clicking the ‘Share’ button positioned under any movie or show on the Netflix app. Once the sharing process is concluded, the artwork of the movie or web series title would be posted in question as your story. The artwork would contain the show name and it would either be a teaser or slogan of the show or it may be highlighted as ‘Netflix Original’.

Once the story is shared, the viewers will be able to see the artwork of the movie or the web series with an added button to ‘Watch on Netflix’. On clicking the option, the visitor would be able to access the show/movie’s page, but the option would only appear if the visitors have the Netflix app installed on their phones. Evidently, this is a new initiative of Netflix for promoting its content and spreading content among a vast range of audience.

For Android users, the scene is a little different since the rollout is yet to occur. Netflix-Instagram integration would be instrumental for prescribing users to watch a particular show or to ask for their feedback on the ones which are trending on the content streaming platform. As confirmed by the Netflix, their developers are already working to launch an update for the Android users so that they will be benefitted from their latest initiative of sharing content on Instagram.

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