Technological trends that you’ll see in 2020

In these ever-evolving times, technology is at the forefront. There will be several changes; some that you can predict, some you won’t see coming. Based on our observations of the last years and research on how technological trends are shaping up, we’ve made a list of all the changes that you’ll see in the coming year when it comes to tech. 

  1. There will be more focus on privacy

With the privacy threat that Facebook is posing, consumers will become more protective of their data. Companies will come up with strategies to protect consumers’ privacy and everyone will buy into it. Most of us will only invest our time in technology that respects our privacy because the risks associated with those that don’t is too high, with times getting darker.

  1. Biometric data will be more in demand

Biometric technology is that which is assisted by our body/biological system to work. With most security and phone systems already using fingerprints and facial recognitions, a lot of applications and software will also move to the same. These will also be more wearable and will be used for purposes more noble than just entertainment or ease.

  1. 5G will come about

We moved from 3G to 4G rapidly and now, even that seems slow for us. With even remote areas developing and the best of advanced technology being used everywhere, we will need internet that is faster, and better in quality and quantity both. All operations are moving online, and we will need 5G to facilitate ourselves.

  1. Deepfakes will take over

With the big USA elections coming up, deepfakes will be rampant. Deepfake is when the face and voice of a person in a video is replaced by someone else’s to make it look like someone else is in the video. Propaganda and defamation are common in politics and elections and it is predicted that at least one deepfake video will stir up trouble this election season.

  1. People will stop watching cable TV

OTT platforms have taken over by a storm and audiences don’t hesitate before buying one or multiple. Apart from original productions, OTT platforms also have a carefully curated list of the best shows and films from across the world. In such a case, cable TVs lose their relevance. A lot of people are already cutting off cords, it is predicted this will increase over this year.

  1. Online citizen journalism will rise

Citizen journalism or what we call online reporting is taking over traditional news media organizations. The simple reason for that is that the news media supposed to transmit information to us has now become a circus and there is rampant spread of fake information and propaganda. Thus, objective and non-biased news is found more on the internet and social media now.

  1. Digital marketing will defeat traditional marketing

With more digital channels than traditional means of marketing, the former will take over. There is also the fact that digital platforms receive more feedback and viewership than the regular ones. That doesn’t mean that traditional marketing systems will cease to exist but almost all companies and individuals will need means of digital marketing as an integral part of their company.

  1. Cashless system will start getting formed

China’s economy has gone completely cashless and the rest of the world is catching up. After demonetization, India was also on its way to become the same. The advent of several platforms like Google Pay, PayTM and quick banking apps has led to reduction in the use of cash. In India though, this process will take time due to large unorganized sectors.

  1. Voice assistants will move to the car

Voice assistants have started dominating homes and workplaces and the only place devoid of them is the car. It is estimated that navigation will truly become a hands-free experience in the coming years. With time, cars will run driver-less but for this year for now, voice assistants will start doing the basic functions at the least.

  1. Companies will be open to people working from remote areas

Geographical boundaries are blurring, and companies are not compromising on talent or resourcefulness just because of physical distances. Work is also moving online, and one doesn’t need to have a constant office presence to get things done. Thus, there will be more diversity in organizations and the world will truly be close.

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