Basic life skills you must learn before 25

The new age term for behaving like a grown-up is ‘adulting’; and be rest assured, it is not easy. Being an adult is taxing, somehow you don’t know anything but are expected to do everything, by people who themselves are figuring it out. There is something new each day and often there are times when we wonder how we are going to survive the actual world. There are a few skills we believe, that everyone should learn before they turn 25, to be great at adulting. Without these skills, survival might actually seem to be a problem. 

  1. Cooking

It is wrong to assume that only girls should be taught how to cook, because cooking is not a gender-specific skill but rather a survival one. Men and women, both may have to live alone or away from families which is why they must know how to cook for themselves. One can order food or eat Maggi only till so long. Not to mention, the need to cook for oneself or for others may arise out of nowhere.

  1. Swimming

There is no saying what sort of natural calamity or accident may land you in deep waters. To survive such situations, there is only one way out and that is by swimming. It is also a great fitness activity and a fun hobby, but even if you don’t particularly enjoy it, you must learn it. One never knows when one may have to keep their head above the water. 

  1. Driving

Whether it is a scooter or a car that is taking you to places, you have to learn to be at the forefront. You never know when the need to drive yourself or your people may arise. Also, everyone wants to own a personal vehicle for convenience purposes. So it makes sense to learn how to drive one, so that you’re never dependent on anyone else for casual travel. 

  1. Makeup/grooming

Whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you like make up or not; presentation and how you carry yourself makes a lot of difference. To be the best version of yourself at all times, you must know the basics of makeup, grooming and how to dress yourself. Sloppiness is looked down upon as childish and unprofessional and those who’re well-dressed are always a step ahead.

  1. Basic finances

Money matters are extremely crucial to being an adult and can lead to loss of opportunities and monetary success if not paid attention to. Filing taxes, drawing up a budget and abiding by it, saving and more importantly, investing are habits that you must inculcate at an early age. If you haven’t, it’s still never too late to start.

  1. Bank tasks

All of us are confused when we first walk into a bank. No one knows how banking works when they first do it. But one can learn only when they do it regularly. Paying money everywhere now involves online banking, even through Paytm. Not knowing the basics of banking can make you an easy target to frauds and scams, being aware about this is of utmost importance.

  1. First aid

Every little wound or mishap can’t be taken to a doctor due to the various constraints that may arise. Most medical emergencies require immediate care or they may lead to severe consequences. Thus you must be equipped with knowledge of first-aid to be an asset to the society and to yourself. It might even help in saving a life. Accidents cannot be predicted thus this knowledge must be kept handy.

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