Do You Know Old WhatsApp Conversations Are Getting Deleted? See What Users Are Saying!

WhatsApp is the most commonly used messaging application used by smartphone users for communication purposes. This application keeps on receiving updates for the enhancement of user experience. Recently, Whatsapp has become infected by a severe bug that wipes out the chat histories on the app.

This drawback has been recently highlighted on Twitter and since then, it started hampering the daily usage of Android users.

The messaging platform in a recent statement has approved this particular shortcoming but have not disclosed the deciding cause of this serious problem.
Recently, a user has shared a story regarding a bug that has deleted previous WhatsApp conversations. The deletion bug is found to erase old messages. Several other users also acknowledged the same problem. According to several users, they have been facing the issue since 2018 and they feel dejected since they managed to end up losing very important old texts. Some are claiming that in spite of shooting emails to the WhatsApp support, they failed to respond with a suitable solution.

What came as a blessing in disguise for WhatsApp is that a majority of the users failed to detect the disappearance of their old messages. Although there are no references for detecting the issue, repeated complaints were raised against WhatsApp on Twitter citing the disappearance of old messages without prior intimation. It states that your old messages will be lost forever and you would not be able to realise unless you are searching for a specific message.

Why are messages getting deleted?

It is still in the clouds whether the developers have tactfully detected the reasons behind such abrupt deletion. However, speculations have arrived stating that the issue has originated from the recent move by WhatsApp in deleting old chat backups specifically the ones which were not updated over a span of a year in Google Drive.
Furthermore, it is still unclear whether the problem persists if you are switching from an older WhatsApp version to the most recent one.

How will WhatsApp fix this bug?

Several sources believe that according to the top company officials, WhatsApp core team has acknowledged the occurrence of such deletions and in fact claimed that a fix is on the way to solve the woes of the users. Although there are no words of when the next WhatsApp update might be rolled out, yet it has been confirmed that the WhatsApp team is working on solving this gruesome issue.

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