Things you assume are less in calories, but are not !!!!

Health has been the most important thing in one’s life and people try hard to maintain it. Due to the long working hours, people cannot really focus on health and starts going to gyms and dieting. But this is not enough, watching what you eat is also important.

There is some food which is commonly viewed as low in calorie and fat; in any case, it will come to you as an extraordinary shock that even servings of mixed greens and entire wheat bread can be high in calories.

Here’s a rundown of 10 solid food items which have a larger number of calories than you might suspect!

Cranberry Juice

It’s extremely hard to drink unadulterated cranberry juice since it tastes much like lime juice and what eateries or stores offer is really “cranberry juice mixed drink” which contains sugars and sugar. You may be stunned to realize that a glass of cranberry juice comprises of more sugar than one soft drink can.

Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread comprises of comparable calories as white bread or it might contain considerably a bigger number of calories than that. A few have high fructose corn syrup or more sugar added to them for upgrading the flavor.

Olive Oil

You may be stunned to realize that just two tablespoons of olive oil contain around 240 calories and we normally include more than that in dinners.

Coconut Milk

There is no denying the way that it may help you in shedding pounds by boosting digestion, remember that its one container has in excess of 550 calories and over 50 gm fat.

Baked Tofu

Tofu has fewer calories however seasoned or heated tofu has essentially high calories.


A customary popcorn container at theaters may contain around 600 calories along 50gm fat so it’s smarter to switch towards popcorn made at home, which are in reality low in calories.


Smoothies are totally healthy and low in calories when made at home. In any case, if you have smoothies at restaurants, they might contain sugar and it would let you consume around 400 calories.

Condensed Milk

Indeed, even one tablespoon of condensed milk has 65 calories and if you need to decrease weight, it’s a superior alternative to utilize fat free milk, which is flavorsome in spite of being low in fat and calories.

Packed Salads

Serving of mixed greens doesn’t constantly mean something low in calorie! Plates of mixed greens soaked in smooth dressing or the ones packed with ham, cheddar, eggs, turkey, bacon, and so forth contain altogether high calories.

Gluten-Free Cookies

If you believe that gluten-free cookies will enable you to shed kilos, you are incorrect, as they are still cookies and comprise of calories, some of the time considerably more than normal cookies of a similar size.

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