Best Paan shops in Mumbai

Paan is always a very controversial topic in India. On the one hand, you don’t need to eat supari, and on the another, you can’t hold the mitha paan. Don’t lie to yourself because who hasn’t lined up at the paan stand after having a sumptuous buffet at each Indian wedding ever. It’s minty, it’s pure, and it most unquestionably is yummy. Amitabh Bachchan admits, so who are we to say no? So, we formed up a listing of the most reliable paan stores in the city.

  1. Gourmet chocolate paan at Le Paan, Various Outlets

Never considered we’d see paan taking a “gourmet” twist, but that is specifically what you have at Le Paan. Their Chocolate Gourmet Paan is meetha paan with a liberal coating of high-quality chocolate truffle on the outside. Besides this contemporary nature, they too have a Benarasi Paan and Premium Nutty Paan on the menu which is filled with dry fruits.

  1. Sugar-Free paan at the Paan story, Mahim 70

It is troublesome to eat a Sadha Paan because it has several betel nuts (supari) in it. So, the more popular alternative is the mitha paan but if you have diabetes and are disturbed that you can’t satisfy in it then don’t grieve because The Paan Story has reached up with a sugar-free paan which is excellent for people who don’t require an overload of sugar.

  1. Mitha paan at Cpaan, Various Outlets

 CPAAN, with its many outlets, makes a complete variant of it. Filled with dry fruits, gulkand, saunf and more, this one is a mouthful.

  1. Chocolate paan at Jagdish Chaurasia Pan Bhandar, Various Outlets

Chocolate paans are a trend these days because what is more enjoyable than a mitha paan? A paan covered in chocolate, of course. And that’s not all; they also produce a Kala Khatta Paan and a Rasmalai Paan on their list. Go experience!

  1. Chocolate pista paan at Damru Paan Shop, Borivali

Besides a crazy kind of paans, Damru Paan Shop additionally has Paan Shots and Paan Shakes on the list in case you are in the desire to try out something different.

  1. Rose paan at Nawabi Paan, Kandivali

Ah, the classy mitha paan filled with gulkand (a paste made using rose petals). It doesn’t get more genuine than this. We are assured you’ll want one more extra of these once you possess a taste.

  1. Ganga jamuna paan at Mucchad Pan Wala, Various Outlets

Mucchad Pan Wala got its sole name because of the family who operates this place. The men in the family have large, well-groomed moustaches, hence the name. And their paans get the same value of love and care as their beards do.

  1. Mango paan at Paan World Cafe, Various Outlets

Another paan shop with a weirdly whacky name, Paan World Cafe is house to a kind of fruity paans. Out of these, our preference is the mango paan which has a gluey and fresh coating of mango on the outside.

  1. Strawberry mitha paan at Tiwari Pan Wala, Various Outlets

We have a thing for fruit paans, and for the Strawberry Paan at Tiwari’s gets our vote. But if you want to try something amazingly unique, try their Sexy Ladies Paan.

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