Weekend getaway from Mumbai to Igatpuri – Everything you want to know

We have understood of way too many getaways to Alibaugh, Lonavala, Matheran and Mahabaleshwar. They have grown to cliche and packed, to be frank! Here is a complete weekend stop for all you Mumbaikars who are sick of cliche ends, Igatpuri! This area is not too distant from Mumbai and is just a 3-hour drive on, which gives it perfect for a quick getaway. Igatpuri is only 120kms from Mumbai and is a quiet place for a delightful weekend.

If you are getting a train, you will arrive within an hour a two. For Igatpuri there are straight trains from CST and Dadar and Kalyan. You can promptly get a ticket from your local ticket stand for Igatpuri. For people living in various states, the nearest airport to Igatpuri is Mumbai Airport. From there, you can hire a car to get you to Igatpuri or go on a train.

In Igatpuri you will find some pretty tall waterfalls, mesmerizing valleys, and hills covered with lush greenery! Igatpuri is an excellent pitstop for trekkers that go up to the highest mountain Kalsubai and Harihareshwar. This place is like a wind of fresh air and will surely blow you mesmerized.

Best time to visit Igatpuri

Igatpuri is one of those areas that has an excellent climate all year throughout. The summertime months get a tad bit hot, but in June; it rains excessively here. But the best time to revisit here is during the winter period. The air is deliciously fresh, and the lush grassy landscape complements it. So, we recommend you head here in October and March.

Place to explore in Igatpuri

  1. River Rafting on The Vaitarna River

Now you don’t ought to wait for Goa or shores for water sports, this camping place near Igatpuri is all that experience junkies need. River rafting in Vaitarna river will undoubtedly be the most courageous thing here, and they have a dedicated crew that takes charge of everything, right from managing batches, providing directions and preparation camps near the Vaitarna.

  1. Attaining Inner Peace in Dhamma Giri 

Dhamma Giri found on Dhamma Hills; it is one place you must attend! It is approximately 40 km from Igatpuri and is one of the usual serene locations. The design of Dhammagiri is grand covered in golden and white and is also recognised as ‘Pagoda’. Dhamma Giri is a great place where people think, and it is also a dedicated education and meditation station called ‘Vipassana Academy’. 

  1. Watching the magnificent Vihigaon Falls

Vihigoan waterfalls are just a 25-30-minute drive off from Igatpuri, and the Vaitarna Lake bridge will join you to Vihigoan. You will have to drive down a small rocky path to enter the tall waterfall. Here, you can get wetted, click some photos and have a fabulous time with buddies and relatives. The most suitable time to attend this waterfall is during monsoon!

  1. Camel Valley

This valley is positioned in a few kilometres from Bhatsa River and is the has the most stunning view. It is additionally one of the most visited places in Igaturi during Monsoons. The valley is wrapped with tall trees and thick forest. This valley is beautiful, and here one can undergo stunning sunsets!

  1. Vallonne Vineyard

Not many have learned of this vineyard, but Vallonne Vineyards are a must-visit when you are in Igatpuri. You can go wine tasting here, visit at their exotic villa and know extra about their French-style wines. Sula and Soma Vineyards are the simple ones we know, but this is one excellent place to be in Igatpuri.

  1. Rise Up on Maharashtra’s Highest Peak, Mt Kalsubai

Igatpuri is also essential for some excellent trekking places like Kalsubai Point, which is understood to be the most challenging trek to the most crucial mountain in Maharashtra. Division of the Sahyadri Range, this mountain is not one for beginners. So, we highly recommend that you get in a lot of training before trying to scale Mt. Kalsubai. If you believe like you still can’t do it, then despair not because you can climb the stairs to the top.

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