These are the places you can have your Bachelor Party before getting Hooked!

The countdown has started; another one of your friends is taking the fall, and you’re left in the care of executing the most crucial choice. A quintessential experience in every groom’s life, bachelor parties are a guilt-free legal path to make the most of your bachelor days. 

 One last grand party with your friends, bachelor parties is a way to relax and spend quality moment with your friendly peeps. Particularly with movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara cranking the whole concept up a groove, you want to get some time off from all the wedding insanity. 

 So, rest, open a beer and stay out some of India’s best bachelor party stops, because it’s time to get the party began!

 Here is a Listing of Best Bachelor’s Party Places in India:

  1. Goa

Goa is a joy and a vibrant place to have a bachelor bash. Beaches, beer, casinos and fantastic nightclubs, Goa is India’s entertainment city. It is a fun-packed hangout stop for a bachelor party weekend with your friends. So, leave your morals home and jump up for a ‘what happens in Goa, stays in Goa’ trip! 

 Goa is not everyone’s cup of tea. But, if you are a bunch of party animals who are looking for a weekend packed of blurry insanity, Goa is for you.

  1. Kasol

If you like getting high, certainly on nature, Kasol is your dream goal. A charming and picturesque town cradled in the grand Parvati Valley, Kasol covers you with good vibes and lots of greenery. Kasol isn’t the most popular bachelor party destination, but what better way to celebrate bromance than puffing it up with your boys.  

 An ideal stop for those who are seeing to take the high road in life nearest to nature. A weekend of calm, green, chocolate cakes and best buddies will be pretty significant, to sum up, your trip.

  1. Rishikesh 

The secret gem of Uttrakhand, Rishikesh is a heaven stop for the adventuresome junkies. With regular water sports, you can have a thrilling weekend with your boys and relax later with a drink by the riverbed at midnight.

Tourists have still not used this breathtaking end, which means you can have the best of both divisions! Trekking, river rafting and bungee jumping throughout the day and a tranquil campfire at evening will oomph up your trip. Partying with the boys beneath the stars! Who doesn’t love that?

 Located in the foothills of the high Himalaya and close to the majestic Ganga River, Rishikesh gives the perfect blend of privacy and experience. If you and your group are seeing for some time off from the back-breaking wedding arrangements, this is your dream target.

  1. Ziro Valley

Screened far away in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, Ziro valley is an unbelievable bachelor party stop. A unique place that combines the heart to nature soothes your soul and delivers you feel alive. Blue skies, rugged mountains, and peaceful locals transport you to another world. If all this doesn’t satisfy you, the valley also hosts a four-day outdoor music entertainment, that is a combination of indie, blending and electric. Just lie on the grass, have yummy food and chug mugs of rice beer with your buddies.

 Camp beneath the night sky, relish the beautiful Ziro music festival, sip on some local beer and unwind with your friends.

  1. Pondicherry

Pondicherry is now recognized as Puducherry possesses a culturally rich blend of South Indian culture and French construction. This coastal heaven offers a gathering of beautiful beaches and tasty fresh seafood for you to relax in this quiet town. However, don’t get tricked with the unique lifestyle and calm surrounding because Pondicherry is a different bag of wonders. An excellent bachelor party stop for those attending to juxtapose antiquity and scenic beauty, away from the cliché globetrotter points.

 Puducherry is all about exploring your inner self. If you’re caught up with extensive dance rehearsals and client connections, Pondicherry will be a delightful destination for you.

  1. Bandhavgarh National Park

Varying from the usual, Bandhavgarh National Park is a free bachelor party stop in India. Believe us when we say wild because you’re out there. Cradled amidst the mighty Vindhya hills on one side and lush green jungles on the opposite, Bandhavgarh is established in Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh. Brimming with flora, fauna and exciting scene, this National Park will transmit you amazed. This virgin destination is ideal for kicking start the pre-wedding parties, as you and your friends have the opportunity to rent a Tree House, overlooking the vast forest. A perfect location for those who don’t need a crowd to get the party began!

 Bandhavgarh is not a point where you can go cycling throughout the day and party at night. This bachelor party stop caters to a whole another genre of people. So if you see for an offbeat adventure, like lingering in a treehouse, experiencing it up with your peeps beneath the stars, this should be your go-to spot.

  1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Don’t hold the time or funds for an international trip, that’s okay because India has some beautiful destinations yet to be travelled. One such accommodation is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands! Ideal for a bachelor party, this destination gives pristine waters, alluring charm and an easygoing kind of food. Relax up and get lost in the peaceful beauty of this Island with your squad.

 An excellent bachelor party destination for the boys looking to take their party someplace else. If you require beaches but have had too abundant of Goa, then Andaman is the area to be. The vibrant ambience, local bars, cafes and reasonable rates make kissing your bachelorhood goodbye a whole lot easier.

  1. Ladakh

Outlining a road trip to Ladakh is one of the things you must do in once in your life, and what could be a better time than a bachelor party? The road trip and the panoramic views will not let you miss clubbing, so you can leave your worries back and rent a pair of bikes to travel to one of the fascinating destinations in the country.

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