Why You Will Absolutely Love Delhi Winters!

Delhi wintertime is to-die-for. If you have moved to Delhi in the winter period and not fallen in affection with it, we might doubt your presence.

Haven’t Experienced Dilli Ki Sardi? Reasons Why You Will Love Delhi Winters:

  1. The sunrise during winters is nothing less than stunning

Morning walk here feels like heaven. The park is significant, and you can run, do yoga, play and still go unnoticed. Lodhi Gardens embodies Delhi. A real mix of the ancient and the modern. It has centuries of history and today’s leaders walking there every morning. Go there to see bureaucrats, politicians and industrialists; it gets crowded every morning from 7 to 8:30 am — very clean and well-maintained place.

  1. Don’t blame the wintertime if you get taken off and hit the roads

Don’t accuse the Delhi wintertime if you get taken away while running on a host of superhighways Delhi has to give. If monsoon were just sufficient to ensure you a memorable ride, winter would cement that adventure.

There are many routes from Delhi to Agra, but we took the expensive but the quickest route to Agra – Yamuna Expressway. The road starts at Noida and ends at Agra. 

  1. The ideal antitoxin: chai throughout Dilli ki Sardi

Delhi wintertimes are something you should feel. One thought that you shouldn’t miss in the wintertimes is moving to a local chai shop in the day and holding a steaming cup of tea or attending a Punjabi Dhaba and buying some of the best desi foods!

You have many places to see. Delhi food is excellent, and the city is so organized with all signs on the way.

  1. And the winter menu is incomplete without momos

A course of brewing hot momos to hit the winter chill. Now that’s one delightful way to deal by it.

  1. Winter evenings get balmier with a bonfire

Dilli ki Sardi is the time to start a bonfire dinner for friends and family. It can be just a group of old pals or current co-workers heating themselves with some drinks and swinging to the songs of Yo Yo Honey Singh!

  1. Sunbathe spell – wintertime is picnic time

There are several places in and about Delhi that make for perfect picnic spots. And the most like is your colony park! You can choose where you want to go on depending on how much you’re ready to start.

  1. Winters are perfect for taking a walk-through history

Delhi can boast of some of the best historical monuments. While the harsh Delhi summers make it impossible to explore these monuments, wintertime is perfect for planning a sight-seeing day trip and explore the city!

  1. Sit back or go for a trek – explore travel cafes

Escape from the loudness that Delhi brings with it during winters and sit back & relax in one of the travel cafes of the city. You won’t find chairs and tables here. Instead, you’ll find mattresses & cushions, books & music, and a ‘make-it-yourself’ coffee pot sitting in the corner. Cafes like Kunzum Cafe and Fursat Se (both located in Hauz Khas Village) are known to organize theme-based events and exotic trekking trips for those interested.

  1. Not to forget – shopping for that perfect winter overcoat at Sarojini

The winter sets a shopping scene in Delhi to an outsider. Just like India Gate and Red Fort, street shopping too is an integral part of Delhi. The highly fashionable overcoats in Sarojini Nagar and the full range of scarves in Lajpat turn every neck in the house.

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