Fun tasks to do for this new year night in Mumbai

New Years at a pleasant city that never rests is continuing to be last with these new Mumbaikar-ish things that you can accomplish this year. With all the well-known spots in the city taking in on party mode, the city shows to be one of the best areas to be in for New Years.

  1. Feel the Mumbai on an ultimate party mode at the Marine Drive

There can be no more excellent way than enduring Mumbai’s energy level than when you’re attaining at the beautiful Marine Drive, setting for the crowd to take in some cheer, embracing the new years in their way.

  1. Masquerade at Hard rock cafe

Hard Rock Cafe makes Masquerade parties that are the latest fun, with great music and an impressive set. Enjoy the fun evening behind protection and a sign of magic.

  1. Fun time with family at Adlabs Imagica

Aside from a fun day out at Adlabs, they also create huge entertainment and live concerts every year. This has only received a lot of recognition from the people in Mumbai. The venue gives a fun day out and a party after, with great artists collecting the live shows.

  1. A Road Trip to Lonavala

Something off-beat, yet not out of the list, is a journey to Lonavala. If you are more of a nature enthusiast and the party isn’t what you’re looking for, Lonavala has astounding, high places. But, over the years, the place has grown a regular, that parties are being made, making sure the visitors have a fun experience of holiday away from the real full town.

  1. Be at the Essel World’s extensive New Year Party

Essel world makes huge fun parties for families, with some of the best musicians in the country working and making the party most impressive. To combine to it is the ‘kick back and relax’ state that the hosts intend to make the event at Essel World a significant thing.

  1. Party the midnight at the Gateway of India

These are long and innumerable nights of play, out in public, watching fireworks with families and friends. To top this off is musicology, food and happy joys completing all the real vibes for a well-to-do new year.

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