Waterfalls in India that you should visit next

India has a ton to offer with regards its nature. It has woodlands to huge desert covers, snow-clad mountains to quiet riversides. India has many other sites to satisfy your feelings. The one thing that most of the Indians find fascinating is waterfalls.

Even a small waterfall beside road fascinates people and they stop by and enjoy the moment. Think about the large waterfalls which come from high slopes and flows down to the river. It is genuinely an excellent and curative sight.

Some of the most important waterfalls of India:

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

It is also called the ‘ocean of milk’, this waterfall slopes down from 320 meters of height and looks totally superb. People go crazy when they see the breathtaking fall. You can actually feel as if the milk is flowing.

Jog Falls, Karnataka

These picturesque fall frame over the Sharavathi River and tumble from a height of 253 meters. These will make you move over the backwaters and rich greenery of Karnataka.

Hebbe Falls, Karnataka

Water goes from 168 meters of tallness here and shapes a scenic view that you’ll recall for a lifetime. With the encompassing rich vegetation, the waterfalls look stupendous.

Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka

This waterfall is formed due to the Kaveri river, which is one of the favorites among the nature lover. It will give you the best experience in Karnataka.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

This waterfall is near Cherrapunjee and is the tallest waterfall in India that flows from a height of 340 meters. The tranquility of this place can make any spirit discover harmony and celebrate in its beauty.

Kynrem Falls, Meghalaya

Streaming down a way of 305 meters, these falls dwell inside the Thang kharang Park. The place has so many things to offer that a person can spend most of its day visiting places nearby the fall.

Soochipara Falls, Kerala

The three-layered waterfall resting in the midst of deciduous and evergreen forest is a place in the lap of nature in its real beauty, serenity, and magnificence.

Athirappilly Falls, Kerala

Befittingly called the ‘Niagra Falls of India’, this waterfall is on Chalakudy River. It is one of the best tourist spot and Bollywood’s favorite one to shoot movies.

Kempty Falls, Uttarakhand

This is one of the best tourist spots in Mussoorie, the shiny water of these falls looks totally compensating in each season. Genuinely an incredible sight!

Bhagsunag Falls, Himachal Pradesh

The plunging water here falls into a pool with a stony bed. An ideal combination of rocks, flora and water body.

Sissu Falls, Himachal Pradesh

This is one of a waterfall lying underneath the unmissable greenery of the far-reaching mountains in the North, this one is a little-investigated gem covered up in the slopes.

Satdhara Falls, Himachal Pradesh

A combination of seven spectacular surges of water, these falls look completely enchanted and are an absolute necessity visit for all the nature devotees.

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