Can Ghee help in weight loss?

One of Ayurveda’s most loved nourishment’s, ghee has deep recovering properties. Ghee has been used since ages in traditional Indian cooking as it had been proved in Ayurveda that it has many health benefits.

Ghee is a form of clarified butter made from milk fat. Science has verified the advantages of incorporating ghee in one’s diet. Some of the benefits of using ghee as a cooking agent have been listed below.

Good source of vitamins

Ghee is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin E. Vitamin A has antioxidant properties and promotes healthy vision even in dim light, because, vitamin E helps in boosting immunity levels and reduces cholesterol.

Aids digestion

Unlike other oils, ghee is rich in butyric acid. Our bodies naturally synthesize butyric acid, but this natural process can be aided if one intakes ghee. A recent study has shown that people with the unhealthy digestive system do not have sufficient amounts of acid in their system. Including some amounts churna in your diet can also provide for a healthier digestive system.

Better appetite

Ghee promotes a healthy appetite in an individual. Ghee helps in secretion of gastric acid by which food can be digested easily and a person can have more of the delicious food without the worry of acidity or constipation.

Add taste to your food

Ghee has a natural nutty flavor to it. Hence, when it is added to the food items it adds a different kind of taste and aroma to it. The food not only tastes pleasant but also becomes more nutritious. Ghee is also beneficial to people who are on a low-fat diet and still prefer some flavor in their foods, as, even small quantities of this product can do wonders to the food and make more delicious than ever. Ghee refines and adds value to the taste of the food containing garam masala. Also helps in weight loss.

It has a high smoke point

Smoke point refers to a temperature up to which cooking oil can be used without giving soot in the air. The statement that ‘ghee has a high smoke point’ means that even if it used to fry the food items it would not release free radicals. When oils with a low smoke point are heated to high temperatures they break down and release a chemical named acrolein which can cause watery eyes. Ghee can prevent this problem and promote a smoke-free kitchen.

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