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New Delhi: The social media sphere, particularly Twitter, is becoming increasingly noisy by the minute. Not only is there a deluge of false information, but also of hate speech and extreme viewpoints. In turn, this has diminished the pleasure of interacting with people online and having fruitful talks about a range of topics.

Anyone would naturally want to take a vacation from the commotion and possibly even start over in such a dynamic and quite hostile environment. You can stop using Twitter altogether by permanently cancelling your account. There is a catch, though. You cannot immediately erase your Twitter account. (Also Read: Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana: Pay once, get Rs 10,000 per month)

You must first cancel your account, though. Twitter will automatically erase your account permanently if you don’t revive it in the following 30 days. After that, your username won’t be connected to your account anymore. Additionally, none of the Twitter apps for iOS or Android, including Twitter.com, will display your public profile any longer. (Also Read: Post office scheme: Invest Rs 10 lakh in THIS plan, get Rs 14 lakh in 5 years)

Additionally, users will lose access to their previous tweets and other account information when the 30-day window has passed. Additionally, they won’t be able to activate their old accounts again.

It’s important to keep in mind that deactivating your Twitter account will not remove your information from Google or Bing or other search engines. According to Twitter, it “may retain some information on your deleted account to safeguard the safety and security of the platform and users.”

How to delete your Twitter account?

– Open the Twitter.

– Click on the more icon.

– Click on the Settings and privacy.

–  Click on the deactivate option.

– Enter your passsword.

– Click on the submit button.



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