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New Delhi: A trip to a beautiful area is all that is necessary to unwind after dealing with the challenges of one’s personal and professional lives. The need to rejoice and get away from the grind of work grows stronger as the festival season gets underway.Due to the fact that tourists today are seeking out novel experiences, here is a list of exciting and fascinating places to visit:

Deltin Royale- Goa

Deltin Suites is a 5-star casino hotel located near Candolim Beach. The elegant and spacious apartments are constructed along the cosy courtyard, which has a courtyard pool, and are designed in fun design elements in tones of yellow and brown. The genuine Goan cuisine served at the Caldin restaurant is well-known among visitors and residents alike. Deltin Royale is a one-stop location as well for Goa’s most well-liked nighttime entertainment. Deltin Royale, Asia’s largest casino and entertainment complex, has more than 1,000 gaming positions and magnificent locations for opulent festivities. The cruise includes imaginatively designed eating facilities and other services.

The Vertigo – High Dine Restaurant- Maharashtra

One doesn’t get to have a wonderful lunch 160 feet above the ground every day. In Lonavala, amidst breathtaking vistas, The Vertigo High Dine offers this one-of-a-kind experience. A variety of cuisine is offered, all of which has been carefully chosen by a skilled and seasoned chef. A group of 24 guests is hoisted at a whopping 160 feet in the air with a crane to cherish the meal of a lifetime amidst waterfalls, verdant hills, and Sahayadri valleys, as well as an extraordinary level of luxury and fine gastronomy.

Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve- Madhya Pradesh

The eastern Satpura hill range of the Umaria and Katni districts is where you’ll find the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. The Tiger Reserve is well-known for its thriving tiger population and its assortment of animals. This region is exceptional in terms of biodiversity since it contains hills, valleys, rivers, marshes, and meadows, which support a variety of plant life. Apart from the tiger, up to 34 species of mammals, over 260 species of birds, and 70 species of butterflies have been recorded. This trip can be made even more thrilling by using the lodging options offered by the woodland colony.

Jewels of Nizam– The Golkonda Hotel- Hyderabad 

The fifth minar in Hyderabad, known as The Jewels of the Nizam Minar, rises 100 feet above the earth. A once-in-a-lifetime experience is dining in style as the sun sets over Osman Sagar Lake and the Minar. The inside of the Minar is a historical relic of the Nizams. The artefacts, rugs, chandeliers, and other furnishings all reflect the regal culture. One illustration of how expertly designed every tiny detail of the Minar is is the meenakari work in the elevator.

Atmantan Wellness Resort- Pune

Atmantan is the ideal healing retreat for the soul, mind, and body, perched on a crystal hill overlooking the exquisite Mulshi lake. This outstanding resort is a one-of-a-kind location for reestablishing your personal connection with yourself, revitalising your body, and renewing your mind. It is a place to find peace while engaging in the best spa, yoga, Ayurveda, fitness, detox, and meditation practises. This opulent health spa is the perfect place to escape the monotony of a busy and demanding routine.


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