The Healthiest fruits out there

It is no secret that fruits are a great source of nutrition. They are also extremely tasty, healthy and convenient to eat. If you are someone who is looking to eat fruits simply for their nutritional value though, there are some which are more beneficial than others. Here are the fruits you must consume to stay on the top of your health, in no specific order.

  1. Grapefruit

Citrus fruit with a combined taste of sweet and sour, grapefruit is rich in antioxidants, fiber and nutrients. It is low in calories and helps the immune system. It is also associated with appetite control and prevents insulin resistance and diabetes. It is also known to better heart health and reduce the risk of kidney stones. 

  1. Avocado

The unique and expensive fruit is worth every penny. Extremely nutritious, it is said to contain more potassium than even bananas. It is loaded with fiber and can even lower cholesterol levels. They are good for the eyes and some people even go on to say that they can prevent cancer! It helps in losing weight and detecting the symptoms of arthritis.

  1. Blueberry

Not only do blueberries make an extremely delicious flavor, they also help in digestion and contain beneficial antioxidants. It is very good for the skin and bones as well. It supports healthy blood pressure and boosts brain functioning. It also protects one from cancer and heart diseases. Of all the berries, blueberries are supposed to be the healthiest.

  1. Apple

It is true when they say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away when you consider the amount of good they do for your immune system. It is good for diabetes and assists in blood sugar control. It aids in weight loss and enables smoother digestion. It protects bones, reduces cholesterol and boosts brainpower. Not to forget, it makes your gums and teeth strong.

  1. Pomegranate

This rather difficult to eat fruit is worth all the effort. Pomegranates are known for their anti-inflammatory effects. It may also help in fighting prostate and breast cancer. It will lower blood pressure and help fight arthritis and joint pain. It fights bacterial and fungal infections. For the brain, it helps in improving memory and exercise performance.

  1. Strawberry

This sweet love fruit helps in maintaining a healthy vision and boosting immunity. It keeps the wrinkles and inflammation problems at bay. It also regulates blood pressure and fiber intake. Again, strawberry is also said to ward off cancer. Strawberries are also recommended to women as it helps in their prenatal health.

  1. Lemon

Apart from being amazing for the skin and hair, lemon is also one of the most nutritious fruits out there. Unlike the other fruits on this list, it is rarely eaten raw and is mostly sprinkled over other food items. It prevents hypertension, aids in weight loss and prevents kidney stones. Apart from consumption, it is also a good cure for throat infections.

  1. Blackberry

Not as widely available as other fruits, blackberry is a rather delicious and exclusive option. It provides vitamin C in big quantities and is an excellent source of fiber. Next in its list are abundant quantities of vitamin K and A. Blackberries are also very good for the working of your brain, improving cognitive and motor skills.

  1. Orange

Oranges are known for giving the eater stacks of vitamin C. They help build up a healthy immune system, keeping blood pressure in check. It lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar level. Oranges also alkalize the body and are good for the eyes and tummy as they prevent constipation. Like most other fruits on this list, oranges also prevent cancer.

  1. Banana

Bananas have huge reserves of vitamins and minerals. The potassium present in the fruit is good for maintaining the heart and blood pressure. Bananas also aid in digestion and help beat gastrointestinal issues. They’re also excellent energy sources, subtracting the cholesterol and fats of course. The health benefits of this fruit are galore.

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