Investment in Game Development: worth it or not?

Most of us might not be gamers but we all know that one gaming addict who will go till any extent to prove their passion. Unbeknownst to us, there is an entire multimillion-dollar gaming community out there which is growing day by day. This industry is showing no signs of stopping which is why it is perfect for investment, but how do you know where to start?

If you’re someone looking to invest somewhere, no matter whether you are a rich person with several investments and sources of income or whether you are a newbie looking to start somewhere, the gaming industry is for you. Here’s are some tips you must keep in mind:

  • One cannot stress the importance of research enough. It is extremely necessary to have knowledge of the industry and its most basic parts.
  • Be thoroughly involved in the entire gaming process.
  • Choose a team that has expertise and experience and a good reputation, that is also what determines the popularity of the game.
  • Don’t invest in a new game until you’re absolutely sure of its potential and have planned its long-term success. 

There are a few ways in which you can invest in games:

  • Be a shareholder in an already established popular game and you will regularly reap the rewards.
  • Invest in any game at all. It may be big or small, but you will have a passive earning based on how well it does.
  • Invest a new game idea. Do this more out of the love for the industry or to help out a game creator. This may not always reap great rewards, but you will have done a good deed.
  • Invest in your own game idea. Have an idea but no skill of development? Get a team to make it for you, the creatives and money will be yours.

Why should one invest in the gaming industry anyway when there are other investment options like property and entertainment available?

  • The gaming world is a multimillion-dollar industry, as mentioned before. There is great scope for returns and income.
  • There are new entries in the gaming industry every day. There are new games, developers, media, events, investors. It will go on growing in the coming decades and it doesn’t look like it will face a drop. The advancements in technology will also make sure of that. As it becomes bigger and better, games might even merge with reality.
  • It has several platforms. There are specific consoles, the PlayStation, PSP, computer games but the biggest platform is the mobile. Everyone has one and almost each mobile phone will have at least one game. Mobile games are popular and free, which means they’re huge. Everything else might be for a certain class, but these ones pertain to every kind of audience, which also means that they will pertain to every kind of investor.
  • The gaming world is brilliant and effective. There are new updates almost every month and there is tough competition, leading to the invention of the best. Thus, the quality will never drop, you can be assured that you are involved in something great.
  • Being known as an investor in the gaming industry might open other professional avenues for you within the same industry.
  • You will gain knowledge about a field you didn’t have before.
  • The gaming industry is becoming glamorous. If your game blows up or is already famous, you can also live a rather flamboyant life, attending events and going on tours.

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