Presenting you the best Navratri Events in Mumbai

Celebrations and festivals have forever been an essential part of Indian culture. With Ganpati celebrations almost over, people have now started preparing up for Navratri. 

 The most enjoyable part about the Navratri festival is the dandiya and Garba dance that happens regularly in the night where people from all walks of life come collectively and dance their heart out. In real words, Nav signifies nine, and Ratri indicates Night. 

 So, it is a festival of nine nights. However, Navratri is not just regarding coming collectively and dancing to the rhythms of the music. It also signifies the nine kinds of Goddess Durga and the beginning of the autumn period in India.So, we bring you the top five Navratri destination in Mumbai to make your Dandiya planning a more manageable job:

  •  Kora Kendra Ground, Borivali West

Kora Kendra Ground treats amazing dandiya and Garba dance festival throughout Navratri where one can experience and have a vast time. While there is no significant music group or band playing here, you will find several individual Navratri singers composing Gujarati Navratri songs that will leave you amazed.

  •  Goregaon Sports Club, Goregaon Malad Link Road

Goregaon Sports Club has remained one of the warm places for all those who want to experience dandiya and Garba in form. So, if you are in the state to slip into your dancing footwear, you can watch out for Goregaon Sports Club that can give you some excellent music and dandiya adventure.

  •  Adlabs Imagica, Khopoli

If you are viewing at joining an extra dose of fun and zing to your dandiya night, then go to Adlabs, Imagica. Preity and Pinky, one of the most famous Garba singers, will be there to captivate the crowd and make you groove to their song. Imagica gives the perfect backdrop for a Navratri festival. Open place within a beautiful theme park set up, within the context of fairy-tale castle and lagoon continues sparkle to the show.

  • Police Hockey Ground, Ghatkopar

This distance sees a lot of great Garba singers visiting. So, if you need a touch of Bollywood to be attached to your Garba, you know where to go.

  • Meera’s Navratri Utsav – Chandan Kunj (Malpani Ground), Borivali

Entertained by The Beaters Group, Meera’s Navratri Utsav fits almost a party! So, if you want to catch a look of your preferred celebrities, you might want to hit this dandiya sizzling spot.

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