How Banana heightens Skin and Hair

Apart from being delicious, the advantages of banana work for fitness, skin, and hair as well. While having Banana assists in increasing energy, a banana provides us with astonishing skin and beautiful hair. 

It is helpful to fight off early aging of the skin, and it is also one of the best natural ways to get silky, smooth and shiny hair.

Banana can attach importance to your beauty regime and give you quality outcomes. Rich in Potassium and Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, bananas are perfect for the skin with its natural moisturizing qualities and abundant minerals which tighten the skin.

Advantages of Banana

Advantages of Banana for Skin:

  1. Skin moisturizer

Bananas are the code to well-nourished covering. Rich in potassium and mist, it will hydrate and moisturizes dehydrated skin, giving it soft and flexible. Vitamin A in Banana returns moisture smoothens out the uneven surface of the surface and heals dry, burned skin.

  1. Oil Control

Banana act as a vast exfoliator which assists in sloughing off excess sebum on the skin covering. It is also abundant in potassium and moisture, which supports in hydrating dry skin and delivering it smooth and flexible.

  1. Anti-ageing results

Bananas comprise a high level of antioxidants and work as nature’s Botox to stop fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.

  1. Heals acne

Bananas are packed with many nutrients, for example, Vitamin A, zinc, and manganese, which are anti-inflammatory. Applying a banana peel on your face act as a blemish banisher and aids in healing acne.

Advantages of Banana for Hair:

  1. Banana for dandruff

For ages, banana peel, leaf, flower and fruit have been in many products as a remedy for various ailments. The selections of different parts of the Banana do have antioxidant and antibacterial qualities.

Dandruff symptoms can be produced by irritation, dryness, as well as fungal and bacterial pathogens. Using the Banana cover to your scalp can add mist and also rid your scalp of those tiny offenders creating the dandruff signs.

  1. Smoothens crimped hair

Banana may assist with hair that’s curly due to Banana’s high Silica content. Silica is consumed by our body to create collagen, a protein that is a construction block of bouncy and gorgeous hair.

  1. Makes hair shiny

Bananas are beneficial to get silky, smooth, flexible as healthy as moisturized hair. Because of the rich potassium, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates content and the abundant natural oils already in it, bananas provide nourishment to our hair and makes them soft and bright.

  1. Boosts hair growth

Antioxidants in Banana can also soak your scalp and hair with a more effective defence system and reduce the oxidative stress-a significant condition of hair that looks fragile and wrinkled. Using Banana over time can commence to hair follicles that are harder and, as a result, grow wealthy.



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