Home-made remedies for skin lightening using vinegar

Due to stress and pollution, our skin gets damaged, darken and difficult to manage. To lighten the skin tone, we tend to buy all the products that are accessible in the market but don’t get good result. In this way, it is important to search for choices that aren’t unhelpful to the skin.

We’ll be looking at helping the skin normally utilizing vinegar. The astringent properties of vinegar keep up the pH balance of the skin. The common acidic acid in vinegar helps in evacuating the dead skin cells, so lighting up the skin.

Our skin can end up dull and dim because of a few reasons. One of the primary explanations behind this is overexposure to the sun and other ecological elements. Additionally, the usage of chemical items can likewise remove your skin’s tone and surface.

Vinegar and Potato Juice

Potato is the best solution for light up the skin along the acidic properties of vinegar, this cure can do ponders.


•  1 tbsp potato juice

•  1 tbsp vinegar

How to make

Peel and grate the potato. Crush out the juice from it. In a bowl, include the potato juice and vinegar. Blend both the ingredients well and apply this all over the face. After application, wait for 15-20 minutes before you wash it off using water.

Vinegar and Tomato

Tomato is mixed with skin lighting properties that work adequately on the skin when used with vinegar.


• Tomato mash

• Vinegar

How to make

Cut a tomato into little pieces. Presently mix the tomato pieces in a blender to make a paste. Then blend an equal measure of tomato mash and vinegar. Apply this on your whole face and leave it to dry. You can wash it off utilizing normal water.

Vinegar and Rice Flour

Both white vinegar and rice flour help in giving the skin a lighter tone by expelling the dead skin cells.


• 2 tbsp rice flour

• 1 tbsp vinegar

How to make

Mix rice flour and vinegar in a bowl. Combine it enough to make a thick paste. Apply this on washed face and scrub it with the assistance of your fingertips in a circular movement. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with ordinary water.

Vinegar and Egg White Face Mask

The egg whites and anti-inflammatory properties of vinegar function admirably. This won’t just help in lighting up the skin yet will likewise treat skin break out, imperfections, and so forth.


•  1 tbsp vinegar

•  1 egg

How to make

Break an egg in a spotless bowl. Include vinegar into it and blend the ingredients well. Wash your face altogether and apply this all over. Abandon it for around 20-30 minutes. Wash your face altogether following 30 minutes.

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