7 Low-budget Business You Can Start in India in 2019

Many of us dream of having a successful business but only a few of us succeed in it. The reason is quite simple. The ones who succeed have a sheer mindset of goal achieving and the ones who don’t find their way of excuses. Running a successful business does not require any magic; instead, it is all about consistency and a burning desire to achieve your dreams no matter what kind of obstacle comes in your way.

Apart from all those talking’s of running a successful business, this modern-day world has given us tremendous business opportunities to choose from and start our business instantly with the involvement of low risks. Isn’t it sound great? Yes absolutely. Not all businesses involve a considerable amount of risk; there are thousands of business ideas which are yet undiscovered and which can help you earn millions within a short period.

1. Consultant

Are you an expert in a specific field? If yes, then this business can be an excellent choice for you. There are many people in this world, who are in need of an expert consultant for their business or many other reasons.

This is a field where you can start up with almost zero investment and can earn huge amounts of money slowly as you progress up the ladder.

You can pair up with different companies in order to expand your business. Get in touch with some of the reputed industries which can give you potential clients.
This kind of business can be started from almost anywhere, but you should have a prior knowledge of the consultancy you should be taking.

2. Tutoring

Tutoring has been a field which is ignored by many with an intention that there is not much money in this field. However, you can earn millions from this field if you have that potential and are excellent in your chosen subject.

Many of the modern-day parents are looking for some quality tutors who can excel their children’s in academics.

But for that, you probably should have excellent communication skills; you will be able to make students understand by your way of teaching. Tutoring is a growing field, and you must keep this field in consideration for low-risk business ahead in the future or present-day life.

3. Virtual Assistant

With the modern-day filled with all of the latest science and technologies, Virtual Assistant can be a handy option for you in the 21st century. Not many people are in this field which can be beneficial for you if you are planning on doing this business. As a virtual assistant, you can put together reports, manage different schedules and coordinate errands.

This business has a lot of possibilities and can make you millions if you get stick in with your plans and have a keen eye on your goals.

For starting this business, you do not need a fancy office or massive investment of money; you just need a phone, computer, and an internet connection. When you see that your business is growing, you can hire more employees and can make your business more flourishing in every aspect of life.

4. Direct Sales

Marketing is the key in today’s industry, and the world is moving towards marketing strategies as they are essential in the promotion and building of any kind of business. You can become a sales executive for any company and can promote their products in a more effective way.

With this model as a sales representative, you can earn as much money as you want to depend on the efforts you put in your work.

When you see that your work is growing, you can increase your team size and on a further scale can start your own business. Build a huge customer base with your tactics and earn money at a rapid pace in this modern world.

5. Drop-shipping

Purchasing the items from a third party and directly selling it to the customers can be a great business option to start with. In this business model, you will only need to manage an e-commerce store while a third party will be responsible for every product development and fulfilment.

In this kind of business model, the revenue can be generated at a rapid pace as the items are not kept in stock. Further expanding your business, many of the branches can be opened by your company, and the work can be done on a bigger scale.
If you are looking for a business idea which will give you a huge leap in your career, then Drop-shipping will be the best choice for you.

6. Service Business

The service-based business has a lot of scope and potential when compared with the product-based business. Opting for any kind of servicing such as a car repair service, dog walking service, and garden cleaning service can help you earn millions within a blink of an eye.

Unlike the product-based business where there is a huge competition, the service based business has comparatively less and can be expanded over time to a broader base. However, before you start a service-based business, you should have a proper and a deep understanding of the market, and you have to become an expert for this kind of business tactics.

7. Senior Care

Starting a senior home care business can be one of the best ways in becoming your boss in a short period. Also, senior care business is a recession free business as the folks are getting older and many of them do think of spending their life independently and in solitude.

For starting a senior home care business does not need much of an investment. You need a vehicle, a smartphone and a computer with an internet connection.
By opting for this business, you can probably climb up the ladder of success more rapidly than any other business based on various surveys.

Pro Tip- Make your online presence strong by having your personal/service website developed by a great developer. It will help in closing the deals faster.

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