Facebook Chats Soon to Be Integrated with WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook, the leading social media giant is exploring for opportunities to disintegrate the fences between its messaging services and club them under one roof. The recently published report in The New York Times state that Facebook is planning on merging its messaging applications through the integration of its chat modules from WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger. It is rumoured that a WhatsApp user will be enabled with the option of starting a chat with an Instagram user through a mere click on the application.

The integration will facilitate the users on Facebook Messenger to send an end-to-end encrypted text to WhatsApp users for instance. It can be easily understood that WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger will stay as individual applications on the home screen. But, if the reports are to be believed, the messaging feature on all the 3 apps-WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram will be collaborated together to bring forth a new messaging platform with congregated functionalities.

It has been reported from the Facebook Headquarters that this strategic move will be visible in the Facebook operations since both

WhatsApp and Instagram are currently having a large user base and the integration is likely to be brought into effect from 2020. In another news, Facebook Moments feature will be disabled and discontinued from February 25th.

The report also brought out in the open the dissent between the employees at WhatsApp and Instagram regarding this major transition. However, this change is going to be spearheaded by Mark Zuckerberg. Last year, Instagram co-founder departed and it created a jolting response in the ecosphere and some started believing that Facebook is pushing for more control over the Instagram platform.

The New York Times report flaunted that the Whatsapp employees were appalled by the resurgent plans of CEO Zuckerberg. The privacy and encryption part of this messaging app had been stringently taken care of since its inception in Facebook.
Since the messaging services are yet to be unified, the employees are increasingly worried about the prevailing doctrines and standards that were previously set under different circumstances. Hence, it might pose a threat to connecting the instant messaging services. It is yet undecided to execute the integration process without compromising on the privacy standards.

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