Easy ways to control your children’s usage of technology

Children are born in a world where technology performs a vital role in people’s endurance. Technology has changed business, education, entertainment and healthcare, among others and innovation, will proceed to aid people in existence and to work more efficiently and productively. With this, the kids will grow with information about networks and smartphones.

As a parent in this digital life, it is your first job to lead your kids in handling technology. In truth, technology has different interests in the extension and growth of children, particularly in their learning. However, too much can be dangerous. It may cause reduced education, sleep deprivation, limited social interaction, addiction, obesity, and other diseases.

 What can we do as parents?

 To help you, think these simple ways of improving your children’s use of technology:

  • Let them learn new things

Keep them involved, help your children in learning new things. If you believe your children have potential in singing, join them in music lessons. If they have a feeling for dancing, then send them to a dance school. Children must improve their skills and talents through action-based learning, where they can also socialize with other peers. Just do not take them to do what they don’t like.

  • Engage them in physical exercises

Children are addicted to devices; their lifestyle becomes inactive, which may lead to obesity and may raise their risk of different diseases. Thus, you must help your children to have an energetic lifestyle by joining school physical activities or adding them to sports. Sports offer many health advantages to children, including the growth of self-esteem and a more effective connection with different people.

  • Set a goal on gadget use

Not prevent your children from using gadgets. However, you can set a goal on their proper time of use. According to the study, it is best to limit your children’s screen time up to two hours apart. It is also recommended to give your kids a list which states what time of day your children are entitled to get technology.

  • Make sure they sleep on time.

Deprivation is one of the significant adverse consequences of using technology. Computers and mobile devices emit pollution and bright lights that may contain the creation of melatonin, the hormone accountable for giving us rest. Thus, make sure that kids go to their bed as early as 9 in the night. Also, do not make possible any device within their range.

  • Always communicate with them

Make it a way to interact with them. It is crucial in their community — one of the causes why children resort to using devices because they have no one to talk to. Thus, make them find joy in giving information and stories.

  • Teach them the 20-20-20 rule

It is essential not just for children but for everyone. Eye doctors suggest people follow the 20-20-20 rule every time they use computers, gadgets, and smartphones, with others. This indicates that the user should take a break every 20 minutes and concentrate on an object that is 20-feet on for 20 seconds. This can improve your eyes rest and hold moisture from looking at screens for an extended time.

  • Explain to them the consequences

Of communicating to them is being honest with them about the importance of extreme use of technology. Tell them about the damaging side results of using smartphones, tablets, gadgets, and machines. However, be sure that you adhere to the fact. Do not overdo everything. 

  • Reward your children

You can take help of this every time your children understand the plan you set them with views to technology adoption. Promise them to bring them to shows or any laws you set.

  • Gadgets are not “Babysitters.”

Parents right now rely on gadgets to support their kids, especially when they are screaming or when they feel unsatisfied. This is so incorrect on numerous such levels. With this system, parents are showing their children that technology is the only solution. It is your first role as a parent to show them how to react to particular passions. If they are tired, tell them to meet with friends.

  • Monitor their Online Activities

Use of computers and devices is that kids can quickly obtain information and analysis. On the other side, it could also be a problem as the internet does not have a purpose on the content it gives to your children. You can buy blockers or combine their browsers with content filtering characteristics to block entrance to any site or content that are not good for them.

  • Use gadgets in good lighting

Use of devices under poor light may damage your eye tissues which may occur to serious vision difficulties. Also, ask them to begin the brightness’ auto-mode, which automatically fixes the intensity of the phone, fit for the lighting situation in the outer environment.

  • Observe “tech-free” zones

Areas or parts in your home as “tech-free” zones in which they are not permitted to use any devices or even reach the internet. This will enable them to improve self-control, blocking them from gadget habit.

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