Super useful besan face applications for skin whitening

  1. Besan and yogurt:This is whole of the most popular methods of using besan on your skin. Mix any besan (gram flour) with any new yogurt and apply the mixture to cleansed skin. Leave it on until it drains and hits it off with plain, cold water. This will help eliminate tan, clear up your skin and change your skin tone. Yogurt is also the right option for the oily surface.
  1. Besan and raw milk:If you possess dry skin, then it’s a fabulous idea to use besan associated with cold green juice. This will intensely nourish your skin and even out your skin colour, making you glow as nothing else can!
  1. Besan and lemon juice:Applying besan with lemon juice is a simple, efficient and natural method to change your skin tone. Lemon juice has gentle bleaching quality that will even out your complexion and besan supply your skin and provide it with light.
  1. Besan and tomato juice:If you need to get rid of brown facial skin and deal with hyperpigmentation and other lines and marks on your face, then this mixture of besan and tomato juice acts like a charm.
  1. Besan and orange peel:Orange peel medicine is recognized for its skin brightening and skin restoring properties. Utilized in line with besan, orange peel powder will further exfoliate dead skin and change your skin tone to give it that new and mystic light.
  1. Besan, turmeric and milk:If you’re getting with skin companies such as acne and blackheads, this mixture of besan, turmeric (Haldi) and milk is sure to go for you. It will improve your skin heal and give it a pleasant and nourished glow. If you have oily skin, you could substitute the milk by yogurt.
  1. Besan and egg white:Using egg white on your face can help fight blackheads, whiteheads, unwanted facial hair, and it can clean and stretch your pores. Stir in some besan with raw egg white and use it to your face for continued nourishment and a luminous glow.
  1. Besan, banana and honey:Use half a ripe banana, one teaspoon of sugar and one teaspoon of besan. Crush the banana and mix all the elements. Use the mix to your face to get amazingly smooth, flexible, moisturized and glowing surface.
  2. Besan and aloe vera gel: This is an altered face pack that you can make at house. Blend some besan with some pure aloe vera gel and use it to your skin to heal just about any skincare and get the beautifully soft and glowing surface.

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