Delhi Guy Marries 32 Women, Blames OnePlus Phone for Teaching Him ‘NEVER SETTLE’

With the advent of a new generation of advanced generation and devices, the entire world is becoming unrealistic. In our daily life, we rely heavily on technology to work faster by ensuring maximum productivity.

Barring our progress in the world of technology, we started becoming addicted to whatever happening around us. The best way to stay relevant and connected to our surrounding world is by the use of social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

But to maintain a life full of charm and entertainment, you need a tool to interact with the outer world. However, mobile phone serves the purpose of the device that gives you 24*7 entertainment and helps you stay linked to your connection every time on the go.

When it comes to the Indian market, we are deeply fascinated by the brand new device launches in the market. We are increasingly dependent on mobile phones and they have become an integral part of our life. We are guided by technology, moved by technology, and often blindfolded by technology.

Such is the case here for a man from Delhi who illegally had taken an initiative to tie the knot with 32 random women and blaming his OnePlus phone for asking him to ‘NEVER SETTLE’. There is an important catch that lies here. One Plus, the renowned Chinese smartphone brand comes with the tagline ‘NEVER SETTLE’ and looks like, the Delhi guy has taken the tagline too seriously in life such that he enforced himself in such a life where he will be goofing around with 32 different women. The guy went to the police and even affirmed over the commitment of his 32 marriages and thereby held his phone accountable for not letting him settle. He blatantly confessed that when he switched on his phone for the very first time, the logo “NEVER SETTLE” displayed on the home screen of the phone inspired him for not to settle in real life resulting in his affair with multiple women, one at a time.

In his official statement to the police, his device had 64GB of space in which 2GB was exhausted since he used to store bald pictures of his wives. He even explained to the police that it is not a crime to have 32 wives in our society since the women he married were not as loyal as he expected. The police after imposing a cautionary warning had released him without applying further charges. Now, this guy is willing to upgrade his OnePlus to Samsung Galaxy S9 because according to him he is going to follow the brand tagline of Samsung ‘Next Is Now!’

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