How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background?

We all are extremely addicted to watching videos online. When it comes to live streaming, the first app that comes to our mind is YouTube. It is a warehouse of billions of video content aggregated from a wide range of sources.

But, one major drawback is its impotence in playing videos in the background.
There is no direct option for the enablement of background playback which means when you switch to a different app or screen, the foreground video clip stops.
But, we have come with a series of exciting tips that would enable you to solve the issue and ensure seamless streaming of videos in the background.

Youtube comes with the background playback facility for premium customers. YouTube already offers a service called YouTube Premium which is available in selected parts of the world. You can subscribe to the service by paying a mere $12/month.

Hence, to curtail your expenses on YouTube and stream videos in the background, here are some tips.


Video playback can be enabled directly from browsers without the intervention of any third-party apps. You can open the browser on your phone and switch YouTube’s mobile page into the desktop version.

Following this, when you play a video and click the home button, you will be able to access the video from the notification panel enabled with play and pause buttons for controlling background playback.

The browsers that would ensure such functionality are the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. On the other hand, you can opt for Opera Touch or Dolphin web browser for the same.


There are dedicated apps in the market that are functional in delivering a cruise control to you so that you can watch the videos anytime, anywhere on the go. Some leading third-party apps are ‘Awesome Pop-up Video’ and ‘Free Music for YouTube: Stream’ known to deliver a stunning performance in terms of video streaming. They will open YouTuve videos in a popup and would give you complete flexibility in doing other activities while streaming. These apps are engineered to provide you with a more streamlined control in browsing videos on YouTube.

However, it is worthy to be mentioned here that these video apps would not continue playing when the screen is off. It is to be noted that Awesome Pop-up Video and Free Music for YouTube: Stream would only be useful if you desire to play music on an unlocked Android phone. If you are switching off the display, the pop-up videos would suddenly stop playing.


YouTube Vanced is a modern version of YouTube. It is not on PlayStore, but it serves the purpose of playing videos even on a locked phone.

The APK version of this app clones the look of the official one and is loaded with a custom video player on the screen, almost similar in looks to that of a mainline music-streaming app.

The app can be optimised according to the user’s choice and can play music even when the display goes off.

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