Common Dining Mistakes

After hundreds of years, dining etiquette is filtered into complex rules. Sadly, these common dining mistakes are gradually ignored in a time where we have little time to eat unitedly. 

Eating fast-food with our fingers is more popular than using the equipment for a slow meal peppered with good communications.

Do not think those table methods do not mean. As we eat out more – and usually in the western-style environment – it is smart to know the usual way of dining so not to worry yourself, particularly in front of people you want to entertain or fascinate. 

Here are ten common dining mistakes:

  1. Don’t leave your spoon in your coffee mug

Place it on the dish instead.

  1. When having corn on the cob, hold it in both fists
  2. Don’t chew with your lips open or smack your mouths

Not only it is unappetizing, but it prevents other people’s communication.

  1. Don’t dive down after a bent turn

Pick up a different one and move according to the layout.

  1. If you find a piece of meat you cannot have, don’t spit it out on your plate or into your fist

Eat it into a small part as feasible and then place on the prong of your fork. Then put it on the side of your plate.

  1. Don’t exclude olive pits or fish bones with utensils

They should be raised with your fingers.

  1. Don’t shift your plate away from you when you are done

Give it where it is with the silverware appropriately placed.

  1. Don’t air your opinions in a loud opinion

Be more interested in understanding the other person’s views than in expressing your own. That is the essence of good conversations.

  1. If you hit over your water glass, don’t say “Oops.”

Clean the glass and keep on reading to your partner. Don’t start cleaning the table with your towel.

  1. Don’t get up from the desk until your hostess stands

Also, don’t leave the dining room until your seniors have moved.

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