Apple iOS 12.1.2 Update: Key Features You Must Know

Apple has already started rolling out the new iOS 12.1.2 update to all the iPhone users. The Apple has launched a series of iPhone models for the users namely iPhone XS, XS Max and XR that are already running on the latest iOS out-of-the-box. The company has officially confirmed that other iPhones like iPhones X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 & others are about to receive the iOS 12 update.

The iOS 12.1.2 update has been recently introduced, and it unpacks zillions of advanced features such as improved performance, the addition of new Animoji characters and customisable option called MeMoji, security patches, bug fixes and more.

Apple users who intend to get a taste of the new OTA update should be informed about the fact that the iOS 12 update comes around 2.77GB size and it is recommended to keep sufficient data backup as well restore the battery above 50 percent during the update process.

The new update is supported for all the products listed below:

  • iPhone models ranging from iPhone 5S to iPhone XS Max
  • iPads from iPad mini 2 to 2nd generation iPad Pro and iPod Touch 6th Generations.

Here are some new features and enhancements to explore in the latest iOS 12.

Performance Boost

The newly launched iOS version will speed up the performance for the users, giving a respective boost of 70 percent in camera, 50 percent in keyboard display and up to two times more speed in switching through apps during intensive tasks

FaceTime Update

This remarkable video-calling application was previously designed by the company for a streamlined and uninterrupted transmission. The ability of this application has been expanded, and it can readily connect up to 32 people at one session. The users will be able to enlarge the video tile during talking time.


It works in the same line with Animoji barring the feature that this app allows the user to customise their animated avatar as per the detail of their favourite character. It gives you the option to set hairstyles, fix face colours, apply head accessories and even process minor changes like eye colour and facial hair. MeMoji allows users to record and send, a 30-second video clip in messages and chats, a similar feature already present in FaceTime too.


The updated version of the fun-filled app is adopted with a flurry of changes. It was introduced last year in the iOS 11, and this time more characters are added to play such as Koala, Tiger, Ghost, Dragon and T. Rex.

Camera Effects

This is a brilliant feature or effect introduced by Apple to set or modify the depth of focus and the intensity of background blur on photographs even after capturing it. The update lets you add animated text effects, filters and fun stickers from the camera gallery and you can post directly on messages and FaceTime.

Apple AR

Presented to the audience in the Apple event in 2018, the company has introduced various AR functionalities and capabilities for users and developers. The new update comes with ARKit 2, that allows developers to devise deeply engaging augmented reality applications and can share them easily among the users through AR app store. The new implementation of the Measure app in AR app store helps the users to measure the length, dimensions and also detect the trajectory of an object in the real world.

Screen Time

Apple wants the iPhone and iPad users to be enlightened with how much time they are spending on their device and the apps that are consuming their precious time. This feature allows individuals and parents in understanding the pattern of their kids’ usage and help them monitor it.

Revamped Notifications Bar

The new iOS 12 has designed its UI in a way such that it becomes more comfortable for the users to swipe notifications and alerts. The latest update allows clubbing of notifications from various apps and representing them in a group format. All the messages and notifications from social platforms like FB, Twitter will be clustered and displayed to you in an organised pattern, making it simple for the user to navigate through.

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