Do You Know These Celebrities Play Card Games Just Like You? Check The List!

The tinsel town of Indian cinema is studded with stars that have interests worth surprising and appreciating. These stars live a busy life of vibrant lights, camera flashes, press-conferences, flashy red carpets and millions of attendances in the movie halls when their films get released.

But just like us, they also share similar interest-playing games both online and offline. With the emergence of digital card playing games, these celebrities often engage themselves in playing card games with people from their circle.

Here is a list of our favourite and most favourite celebrities who are known to do the shuffling and decking out cards during a jazzy Bollywood party.

Aamir Khan

Whenever the word ‘perfect’ comes in your mind, you must be thinking of someone who is known to enthral the crowd with his path-breaking acting on-screen and his perfection as a human being off-screen. Yes, we are talking about one and only Amir Khan. As the critics say, he is drenched with perfection, and his calibre is often talked about in Hollywood.

But what most of his fans don’t know is his indelible passion for playing poker and rummy very often. News reports suggest that  Aamir Khan’s bungalow in Union Park has 5 tables dedicated to Poker. Although his prowess as an actor is undoubted and unmatched, his card playing skills are not that convincing since he fails to take risks ends up winning less and losing quite frequently. Prolific director and his close friend, Kunal Kohli has minted lakhs from the poker table at Aamir Khan’s house.

Shah Rukh Khan

The undisputed Badshah of Bollywood, as he is called by his fans, is hailed widely for his supreme acting and charismatic appearances in shows. But during the course of the last few years, he is delivering grand performances in Bollywood Card Parties, a trend of card parties that was introduced to Bollywood royalty Raj Kapoor and his brother Shashi Kapoor. SRK frequently remains present in those parties and wins quite often.

Although he is not having a specific game of his choice, but he is known to prefer most cards games at his disposal. He is touted for his shrewdness and intelligence as a card player and plays the game brilliantly.

Minnisha Lamba

She is a Bollywood diva who has captured hearts of millions of fans of Bollywood and South Indian films. We may have seen her gorgeous avatar on screen, but most people don’t know her boundless love for card games. The actress was seen earning upto Rs1,40,000 in domestic tournaments.

Shahid Kapoor

His graceful presence always mesmerises the Bollywood screen, and his fan-following is worth envious for other actors. This Bollywood hero has delivered masterclasses through his stellar performances in Haider, Kaminey, Padmavaat and more. Apart from his extraordinary career, Shahid Kapoor has professed his love for card games quite often. He organises night-long events at his house to play cards and poker games with his closest pals.

Harman Baweja

Being a descendant of a ‘filmy’ family, he never succeeded in impressing the audience with his acting proficiency. He was gossiped to be intimate with Bollywood beauties like Bipasha Basu and Priyanka Chopra. But in real life, he is a renowned doctor and an ardent poker player. His liking for poker has been exhibited through his participation in competitive tournaments where he has bagged prizes in lakhs. His close friend, Shahid Kapoor of ‘Jab we met’ fame has been spotted with him several times in his Versova bungalow while playing card games.


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