Your Windows 7 Laptop Will Soon Run Out of Microsoft Support; Upgrade It to Windows 10

It might come as a surprise for all the Windows users, but it is confirmed that Microsoft has decided to call off their support for their Windows 7- their darling desktop operating system.

According to industry experts, this is a significant move from Microsoft. Over the years, Windows 7 has been touted as one of the superhit OS platforms from the house of Microsoft. But in recent times, its scions have taken over, and after careful analysis, the company has decided to pull the plug in providing support for the old OS.

Offiical Statement

Brad Anderson, Corporate VP for Microsoft 365, has recently confirmed their decision in discontinuing support for the Windows 7 one year from the date of announcement, i.e. January 14, 2020, will be the last date of receiving official Windows 7 support from Microsoft.

According to him, the company is encouraging inevitable upgrades and moderations in technology and the time has come for them to initiate a paradigm shift from an archaic version of windows to an ‘avant-garde’ windows version loaded with Office 365 capabilities

Nature of Support

As per the trusted sources, Microsoft will stop providing further security or feature updates to the operating system. The OS would still function independently without receiving any support from the manufacturer. But a major drawback is that owing to the lack of licensed support; the OS becomes exposed to dangerous security threats and viruses without security and bug repairs.

Although the company has claimed that enterprise customers will continue to enjoy paid support from Microsoft, it should be notably mentioned that Microsoft is geared to support the enterprises with a bonus option for extended security updates (ESUs).

Customers using Windows 7 Pro or Enterprise version need to pay for extended support based on the individual devices used.

Past Records

For the first 3 years, the support service will be provided but only for business versions not for consumer versions. The prices for support would increase on a yearly basis.

It is worthy to be mentioned that a large number of devices runs on Windows 7. Microsoft is mainly focusing on unveiling updates of its latest operating system – Windows 10.

After providing service for almost a decade, Microsoft is finally shutting down its support for Windows 7. Since its launch, Windows 7 has been used in a large number of organizations-from small ones to large ones.

According to data received from Net Applications, till December 2018, Windows 7 was present on 43% of all Windows machines while only 46% was using Windows 10 as the operating system.

How to deal with it?

Since the support period for Windows 7 is coming to a close, you must consider upgrading your system to Windows 10. Users need to lay importance on the health of their system rather than the convenience of the operating in the OS. Soon, users might be experienced with streams of security bugs and vulnerabilities on windows 7 which they need to solve on their own. If you are also an enterprise customer, you need to drain money from your pocket in getting the desired support.

So, the time has come for every user to check their PC configurations and calculably analyse the minimum system requirements for upgrading their system from windows 7 to windows 10.

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