Will Sundar Pichai be no longer CEO of Google ?

LinkedIn users were left amazed after the high-profile post of Google Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai suddenly displayed as up as idle on Microsoft-owned trained networking platform, and it is evident, millions of people demanded the position, which is no less than an ideal job on Earth.

Alas, the job posting for Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s replacement by the LinkedIn – a common source for job hunters – was false.

The job was posted by Michel Rijnders, an online recruiter from the Netherlands, who later acquired that it was a safety bug that lets users post an official-looking job opportunity on any company’s original LinkedIn page.

Even though Microsft-owned LinkedIn charges a price typically for posting a job listing and the person posting needs a premium account, Rijnders declares he has been able to list each job opportunity – including a job post for a new CEO for LinkedIn – at no cost.

These unauthorized listings gave up on a company’s “Jobs” page and seemed like any other job opportunity posted legitimately by the company, Mashable, a digital media website, published on July 28, 2019.

The job posting for Google CEO put up by Michel Rijnders, provoked mixed answers from LinkedIn users.

One user posted: “Connecting to be CEO of Google on LinkedIn. Sundar’s been performing a great job so far. $GOOG Q2 incomes were powerful, so a little odd to see this opening”.

LinkedIn replied: “Thank you, Michel Rijnders, for paying this to our notice. We’ve removed the posting, and we’re fixing the issue that let this post to go live. LinkedIn is a place for genuine people to have official meetings of their jobs”.

“The fake listings arrived on the tech giants’ LinkedIn business pages beside their other job opportunities. The listings also performed in LinkedIn’s job hunt. There was no consent process required,” the report continued.

As per LinkedIn, the problem has been mended. In a statement, it stated, “A bug made this problem in our online jobs activity that enabled members to select the firm after a job had previously been mentioned. The problem has now been fixed. False job postings are a clear breach of our terms of service.”


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