why not plan a mini holiday ?

Summer is finally here. The days are getting longer and getting hotter. The urge to get out and relish the weather, work in the garden, build the new deck you have always wanted, or only to get away and unwind, becomes a burning need. You come home from work, hot, tired, and you simply want to take a seat and unwind with a cold beverage, but then you hear the all too familiar I am bored. There is absolutely nothing to do! Oh yeah, school is out. It is summer vacation. The children have been home all day while you’ve been at work.

Well, children deserve a break to. So why not plan a mini holiday for you and the children? It isn’t necessarily a week long trip, or a trek across country, or a trip to another continent. It may be as little as a day trip, or so long as a three or four day weekend. What will be the best mini vacations for children? You could ask your kids what they want to do or where they want to go. Whether you’ve a larger family, then you can have just as many suggestions. This discussion could go on for several days before a decision is agreed upon.

It is wise idea to set some parameters before approaching the children with the idea of a mini vacation. Jot down ideas which are age appropriate for your kids. Are they still in grade school, teenagers, or old enough to start thinking of a place of they own? Jot down some ideas that you or your spouse would like. How far do you would like to travel? Do you want to travel by car, boat, plane, or take a train ride? Remember, this vacation isn’t just for the children, you need to enjoy it also. Among the best places to start getting vacation ideas is from your state’s tourism guide.

You can request one by going to your state’s web site under tourism. The state’s tourism guide is full of ideas for a family vacation. It has state parks and campgrounds, natural attractions, historical points of reference, museums, and cultural points of interest, event calendar, lodging and accommodations, and maps. All organized by your state’s regions. Or visit another state. Theme parks are very popular. They provide all kinds of activities and entertainment for all ages. During peak tourist season, accommodations would be harder to arrange. So make plans as soon as you can. National parks offer numerous different actives and environments for vacationers, like mountains, canyons, caves, even coral reefs. Several things to do at a national park are horse riding, boating, fishing, swimming, or just take a drive and viewing the abundant wildlife.

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