Why Ladakh is a must-visit place

Ladakh is a nation of diversity. The harsh brown hills and the atmosphere a hue of blue you will nevermore see anywhere else. The cold, ruthless winters and the heat of the Ladakhis as they say “Jullay”. But please go there to acknowledge what we recommend.

The most useful part is, you can propose a trip to Ladakh whether you’re using a long pause and want to bike there, or you have just several days and are travelling through Leh.

 Here are the best five reasons why you should tour Ladakh at least one time in your life.

To truly unite by disconnecting.

We spend so much time stuck to technology and gadgets that we neglect to relate with people, or even us. Ladakh’s true beauty – its lakes, national parks, abbeys, and valleys have a surreal kind about them. They make you require to sit back and tune into the environment. Find yourself, or have discussions with your spouse, buddies or kids while you take long drives in Leh or sip remarkable hot yak-butter drink.

To satisfy your click-hungry instincts.

In this era of selfies and Instagram, treat that artist in you to some breathtakingly gorgeous shots. It’s incredible how many diverse colours you will see in one shot that has just hills, the sky and the road. Browns, oranges, blues, greys, white and tonnes more extra. If you’re biking to Khardung La or farther, get sure your friend records the trip either in still images or a video. 

Yummy in Your Tummy

The food in Ladakh is simplistic, yet pleasant. The local cafes serve momos that are made with just a definite hint of spices, and you can find great pleasure in a bowl of thukkpa. If you get lucky enough to experience a local family’s hospitality, share a cup of yak-butter tea with them. Some of life’s simple joys come from high tea and talk.

Memorable Treks

Ladakh is a trekker’s heaven. And even if you’re not a frequent trekker, there are fantastic accessible routes that you can do, because this is a great way to encounter Ladakh. The Markha Valley Trek is a well-known one, and a part of the Hemis National Park falls on this way. So you may find some marmots and other fascinating fauna and flora. There are tons of great options for trekking in the lovely Zanskar Valley and the Nubra valley.

A cultural extravaganza

Yes, Ladakh is recognised for its treks. But no, that’s not all there is to it. The Tibetan culture impacts Ladakh’s traditions, and you will find a lot of connection in the two. Tour the gorgeous monasteries – Hemis, Thiksey, Spituk, and so many more. If you can, then plan your trip to match with one of the exciting festivals of the region, like the Hemis Festival or Dosmochey. The architecture in Ladakh has a rich Buddhist overtone to it and is quite indescribably wonderful.

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