Why is Dubai called as shopping Hub?

Dubai is a shopper’s heaven; there is nothing you cannot find in the shopper’s Mecca. There are numerous malls and stores all over Dubai, choosing where to go can be very intimidating.

But, with a few insider methods and suggestions, you can learn everything you need and get these items at a low price. Here is what you should understand about shopping in this fantastic city.

 Shopping Festivals and Events

If you are contemplating to get nearer to the end of the year, wait for the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which operates at the commencement of every year for the last twenty years. Over a month-long period, shoppers can look ahead to some incredible deals and advancements on all types of assets. The festival also receives some fantastic performances, and there are a ton of gaming titles to be won.

 Souvenirs and Gifts

Most visitors who come to Dubai for the buying experience are looking to take back a part of Dubai as a representation of their vacation to share with buddies and relatives back home.

Purchasing Gold in Dubai

If you agree to buy gold, there is no more reliable place for choice and pricing than the Dubai Gold Souk. This gold market is stuffed with dazzling shops arranged with gold items of all kinds. Don’t be shocked if you see large chains of gold or gold bars in store windows with very little visible security. Again, the key to making a good deal here is to negotiate.


You can find costumes for every form, colour and cost in Dubai. If you are attending international shopping labels, these things are not tax-free and usually are more costly than if purchased from their land of origin. For quality clothes, malls are the best sites to visit, and many shops go on sales at different times of the year. Wait for discount sales if you can as yourself are likely to get excellent deals on quality parts.


Electronics in Dubai are typically significantly more affordable than those obtained in other nations, so if you are viewing for the latest I-phone or audio system, Dubai is the area to be. You can get unbelievable cuts and parts of freebies at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX), which is a festival week-long expo.


External of Iran, Dubai is one of the safest places to get quality carpetings. Rugs are compatible with the country’s feeling and antiquity, and it is unusual to find a home here without at least a carpeting or two. Carpets come in many various elements and sizes; while a machine-made rug can get you a few hundred dirhams, quality hand-made woollen rugs can expect significantly more, about AED 4000.

Pashmina shawls

For a present for your best friend, girlfriend, mom or partner, you can’t go incorrect with a super comfortable pashmina shawl made from 100% silk. The Deira Souk in Dubai has many shops that will sell you all sorts of wraps; the most reliable way to test one is to connect your finger around the edge. 


Dates are the regional food of Arabia, and you will find a broad category of dates of all areas in Dubai. Bateel Dates are the most expensive of all with deliciously wet, gooey markets. These dates come from Saudi Arabia and endure strict quality check tests to secure the most extravagant taste.

Agwa dates are a different delicacy but are not that generally accessible as the trees provide dates with every few ages so embrace them if you get them as you may not get an extra chance.


If you are viewing for nature hand-made furniture pieces, ignore the big shops in the markets and opt for fabulous of Dubai’s hidden stories in its metropolitan areas. Although some of these areas might be hard to spot, the journey is well worth the effort as you are expected to get some different items at high costs.

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