whatsapp chat lock feature: WhatsApp rolls out new Chat Lock feature, now users can protect messages with ease


Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that WhatsApp users get to enjoy the utmost privacy. The Meta co-founder recently launched a brand new WhatsApp feature called the ‘Chat Lock’. ‘Chat Lock’ will help users protect their conversations without any hassles.

This feature will help users protect their most intimate conversations with a password and save them in a special folder. If the chat is locked, the sender’s name and messages will also be hidden. “ We are excited to bring to you a new feature we’re calling Chat Lock, which lets you protect your most intimate conversations behind one more layer of security,” revealed WhatsApp admins through a blog post.

In a press release, Zuckerberg stated that the Chat Lock feature may come in handy for those who have to share their mobile phones with a family member, or if a message from someone special arrives when your mobile is with someone else.

Users can lock chats by tapping the name of a one-to-one group and choosing the lock option. What should you do if you want to reveal the chats? “Slowly pull down on your inbox and enter your phone password or biometric.”

Zuckerberg revealed that they will be upgrading this feature even further. Further security options, such as locking companion devices, creating a custom password for your chats (different from your phone so that you receive the utmost protection), will also be available in the coming months.

The Twitter handle of the popular chat app announced the new feature with an animated video, along with the caption, “New privacy feature, just dropped. With Chat Lock, you can keep your most private and personal conversations under lock and key with a password.” The post gained 113K views. One Twitter user wrote, “Finally, a great update.” Another requested that the app allow users to schedule messages through timers.


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