Ways to use a beauty blender for makeup

Whether you are trying to apply tinted moisturizer, foundation or cream blush, you should use beauty blenders. The beauty blender sponges are developed by makeup artists of Hollywood who wanted every woman should get that professional finish in makeup at home too. It gives to flawless and beautiful finish and so many users are there.

This sponge is so popular because you wet it before using and gives the added hydration. If your skin is sensitive or gets irritated fast or inflammation, the beauty blender sponge is great because it is gentle and not abrasive to the skin. Here are ways you can use beauty blender in India for makeup:

Setting up the concealer

Concealer is used to cover off eye circles, but creasing is done commonly. Take a damp sponge to conceal your face. Hold the sponger in a running tap water for some seconds and then squeeze water out to get bouncy and nice damp makeup sponge. First take some under eye concealer and apply it gently under your eyes with ring finger. Then follow it up with highlighting concealer. Apply liquid highlighting concealer under the eyes in inverted V shape. This will help to light up that area under eyes. Now blend them into your skin using the sponge to blend away. It helps you to conceal the better way and to stay in place.

Blending up the liquid foundation

The key to apply liquid foundation effectively and evenly across the face is starting with well-moisturized and clean face or after concealer. If you use dirty blender it will only spread germ on your face. So, wet your beauty blender first to apply liquid foundation under the running tap. After that squeeze, out the excess water and make it damp. When you use it like that the sponge will not drink up the foundation. Also, damp sponge provides you natural and a dewy finishing to the makeup overall.

Blending pressed powder

Pressed powder is the compact powder with pigmentation usually. It allows setting makeup in place adding extra coverage to the whole skin. Even you can apply it with powder brush, but it may look little heavy or cakey on your skin. So, in order to avoid that, take a beauty blender and dab the sponge flat side on the powder and apply evenly it on the skin. It provides you natural looking face and a sheer coverage to the skin till you set your makeup.

Applying the blush

In order to apply powder or cream blush lightly pat blender on the product and stipple on your cheeks in dragging motion or lightly press.


You may think this is not the tool to apply eyeshadow. But you can lightly blend the powder on your eyes.


Cream highlighter is similar to like applying cream blush. Still if you want strong highlight, beauty blender can be very helpful for you to give that shine you want.

Extra careful with skin

If you are a person who likes to be much careful with the skin then apply eye creams, moisturizers and serums with this makeup blender rather than fingers. You can also apply SPF to the skin. The idea is to give maximum coverage.

Perfect Self Tanner

Apart from using your hands and getting it messy apply bronzer of your choice using a beauty blender. It works amazing for self-tanners and bronzers. It can provide even wash of bronze color. They can give stain look with applicators, but blender gives you clean and nice look.

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