UK Queen consort Camilla visits Bengaluru health centre


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Bengaluru– The UK Queen consort Camilla has arrived in Bengaluru health centre along with her friends, said police sources on Sunday.

She travelled by the British Airways flight and landed at the Kempe Gowda International Airport of Bengaluru on Thursday.

Earlier, the sources had said that she has arrived to Bengaluru with King Charles III. However, later, the sources said that she has come along with her friends.

The authorities are tight-lipped about the visit as they were instructed not to reveal any information about her trip.

The sources said that she is undergoing holistic therapies for about 10 days.

She is presently staying at the Soukhya, Holistic Health and Wellness Centre located close to the Whitefield.

Royal Protection Squad members of elite force of the Scotland Yard had escorted them from the Bengaluru International Airport to the health centre, the sources said.

The sources at the Soukhya said that Dr Issac Mathai, the Chairman, is the personal holistic physician for the UK queen consort.

She has been visiting the health centre since 2010. (IANS)



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