Travel ‘Gateway of India’ to Alibaug in 20 Mins?- Uber Launches ‘UberBoat’ service in Mumbai

Ever taken a speedboat ride in Mumbai? You might be asking whether ‘ we are serious’ or ‘NOT?’ Yes, we are absolutely serious. Uber has officially launched a Speedboat service in Mumbai by the name ‘UberBoat’.

Service Details

Regarded as the most convenient and comfortable speedboat hire service in India, the service is geared to kick start from 1st February’19. Commuters who are interested in taking the ride have to book the boat from their mobile app only.

We are all acquainted with the size of Uber and how diverse its operations are. In India, it has managed to become the largest taxi-sharing app, beating its nearest competitor, OLA, which is a homegrown startup. Now they are venturing into the sector of water-rides.

This leading transport sharing vendor will offer this speedboat service for the passengers travelling between Gateway of India to Mandwa (near Alibaug) and Elephanta Caves.

The company is pushing forward a couple of ride options from Mumbai to Alibaug that UberBoat and UberBoat XL.

Travelling Fares

On the pricing front, The UberBoat would carry roughly 6-8 passengers and the individual ticket will be priced at Rs.5700. On the contrary, customers opting for their premium and bigger boat service, UberBoat XL, will be paying Rs 9500 from their pocket. UberXl is designed to carry more than 10 passengers.

The pricing mentioned above is applicable for those commuting from the starting point to the terminal location and vice-versa, i.e. if you are travelling across any two of the three ports- between Gateway of India to Elephanta and Mandwa (Alibaug), the mentioned fares are applicable.

For booking a ride, the passengers need to book a trip on the speedboat at least quarter of an hour before coming to the port. The transport service will be available from 8 AM to 5 PM. The average time an Uberboat will take to commute from Mumbai to Alibaug is 20 minutes approximately.

A few days back, Uber launched its UberGo service in Patna. Now, it is introducing UberBoat service in Mumbai. From recent trends, one can expect that Uber is having bigger plans for the Indian market.

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