Top Tech Influencers on YouTube

YouTube has extensively evolved beyond truly being an internet site for videos and audios. Now, it’s a place where individuals share moments of their lives. Below is a list of identified Top Tech Influencers on YouTube. Most of those YouTube Influencers are more on Personal Computer Hardware components and mobile gadgets. Tube Channel. Lewis portfolio of brands is among the most impressive which include Intel, Microsoft, XFINITY, and Canon; these brands are just some that are in his collection. Unbox. Therapy is among the most popular Tech channels on YouTube, with over 300, 000 subscribers. You can watch the unboxing of new gadgets, reviews and some though all kinds of devices.

Among the most well-known names in the Tech Influencer field. He’s notorious in the Tech industry to be selective about the brands that he works with. Marques talks about a lot of mobile hardware like mobile phones and tablets, giving his perception of the products and talks about good points related to the newest updates of such technology gadgets. His videos aimed at explaining and help the viewers to understand better about specific applications and services. Produces extinct entertaining reviews from mobile phones, to gaming PCs and VR headsets. His character can be seen through his videos. His sponsors are Mattel, VideoBlocks, and AtT.

Ty’s iPhone Help is about Apple’s range of products, from iPhone to MacBook Pro. He also reviews some comparable products available on the market that are competitors of Apple. Phone to drones. He’s also worked with a few vast Technology Brands like LG. This YouTube influencer calls himself ICU. He features a lot of news and rumours mostly about any Apple-related info including the most recent iPhone models to MacBooks. He also does comparison videos between other comparable products and its competitors of Apple. Phone with fire is an admirable and fantastic discovery. Jonathan Morrison is conceivably probably the most creative Tech Influencers in the market.

He also has extensive experience in working with leading brands like XFINITY and ATT. Another technology news web site which has a YouTube channel where they implement and show product reviews, tutorials, independent reviews and a lot of technology news. Tube. He’s able to reach technology consumers in a vast and extensive distance. Sony and LG are some of his brand sponsors. Mainly unboxes computer hardware like Personal Computer Casings, motherboards, keyboards, mouse and earphones. While doing the unboxing, he’ll talk about other helpful info that’s directly related to the product he is unboxing. Tube. Founder Jon Rettinger a Californian Native has collaborated with leading brands like Lenovo and Qualcomm. Famous knowledgeable person, Chris Pirillo shares about the life of a geek with him in his daily videos. Some of his videos include a small review of the most recent mobile phones and tablets.

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