Top food festivals in India that you shouldn’t miss

Food festivals are an experience in its own, one that all those who claim to love food should have at least once. Great music, food, drinks, ambience, stalls to shop with people you love? That sounds like the perfect escapade. With time, food festivals are becoming really big in India and they come up with something new every year. We have compiled a list of the ones that should be on your list if you want this experience in its full glory. 

  1. National Street Food Festival

They say that there is no street food anywhere else like New Delhi’s. They have variety among variety and a distinct taste of their own. To present the unique flavor of the capital, NASVI holds its famous street food festival every year. From chaat to momos to chhole, they have over 100 street food vendors lined up to satiate your cravings.

Where: New Delhi

When: December, usually

  1. Bengaluru Food Fete

Bangalore’s biggest food festival, several cafes, restaurants, eateries and even small-time chefs or vendors set up their stalls here. A literal picnic, the food fete is a true celebration in the realest sense, considering they call bands and artists to perform and even host culinary workshops and events. This is the must-be-at spot for those who love everything about food. 

Where: Bangalore

When: December, usually

  1. Goa Food and Culture Festival

This coastal state is known for its delightful sea food and vibrant culture. At this event, you can experience the best of both. A 5-day extravaganza, this festival not only brings to you the best of food, but also various other activities like cooking competitions, dance and music performances, fireworks show and interaction with the locals.

Where: Panaji

When: February, usually

  1. Mei Ramew 

This event is more than just a food festival, it is an attempt to revive and celebrate the slowly disappearing crops of Meghalaya. The food is cooked by the local farmer families themselves, also bringing to light the underrated and forgotten food cuisines of the North-East. This event really brings out the cultural beauty of the seven sisters.

Where: Meghalaya

When: March, usually

  1. Asian Hawkers’ Festival

If you love Asian food, you know how difficult it is to get authentic cuisine. Even if you manage to find a place, it is expensive. This event brings the best of Asian food to you at affordable rates. The ambience is very China Town-esque and if Asian cuisine is something you’ve wanted to try out for a while but couldn’t, there’s no better place than this. 

Where: New Delhi

When: Around October-November 

  1. Ahare Bangla 

This is an initiative by the Bengal government to boost the food industry of West Bengal and introduce people to the rich palate of the state. This is a big, first of its kind event organized by the government of any state, visited by ministers and the like. More than 100 restaurants set up stalls at this festival in its very first year.

Where: Kolkata

When: November, usually

  1. Mumbai Food Truck Festival

Another addition to Mumbai’s list of unique events is this food truck festival which brings together trucks from all over the city at one place. There are band performances, flea shops and other little activities and games going around. This festival will be holding its fourth edition this year and is already a huge hit among the foodie masses.

Where: Navi Mumbai

When: March, usually

Add these events to your list and make sure you visit at least one, let’s support our local initiatives to pave way for more!

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