Top 5 Places To Visit in Powai

Powai is one of the most talked about places in Mumbai and is mostly touted for its originality and beauty. Apart from having a jaw-dropping architecture and marvellous city planning, Powai gives its residents a brilliant nightlife. Several restaurants and cafes will win your heart again and again. Apart from the hustling crowd and bustling places, Powai has plenty to offer.

Here are the five most cherished places to visit in Powai.

Hakone Entertainment

This is a magical place for all the couples and families there. Both kids and adults play games like Go Karting, Paintball, snooker, Mini Golf, car bumpers and more.

Hiranandani Complex

Hiranandani Complex is a well-designed area that records footfalls of millions from People inside in Mumbai or outside Mumbai. The private property is touted for its architectural marvel that is a treat to your vision and worth appraisals from everyone.

This place is studded with a host of shopping centres and food joints. Couples can merrily walk on this road with the best possible ‘together-time.’


Galleria is the first open mall which consists of a variety of shopping centres, each having brilliant collections of commodities. It is a great place to munch with your friends and family. For food lovers, parathas and biryani are recommended since they are readily available at cheap prices and also provide you with culinary delights.

Powai Garden

This is a great free place for children and couples without a single doubt. Even senior citizen enjoy a pleasant time here. The garden is well maintained, and due to its openness, people love to spend time here. It is a peaceful and quiet place for sharing happy time with beloved people.

Powai Lake

The serenity of this place is by far the most convincing for anyone coming from outside Powai. In a city full of urban disturbances, Powai lake seems to be the place where you can spend some alone time with your favourite one.

Apart from the places above, countless food-stalls offer plenty of unique food items. For those who have never tried, Magizza is recommended for trying once being a mixture of Maggi and Pizza. So, for an all-round entertainment, Powai is often the most recommended place for travel enthusiasts.

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