Top 5 Must-See Destinations Across The World For 2023 Travel Bucket List


This might be a good time to start looking for your next travel destination. Especially now that National Geographic has released its ‘Best of the World’ list. It has 25 must-see locations for 2023. Whether you are looking for adventure or simply want to spend time in nature’s lap, National Geographic has you covered. Some of these are hidden gems, and others, popular destinations for good reasons. Divided into 5 categories, the destinations are truly not something you should miss. Here are the top 5 destinations revealed by National Geographic that you should have on your travel bucket list in 2023:

Busan, South Korea

If you are looking to explore culture, National Geographic recommends the Miami of the Far East. If you are looking for a relaxing getaway in South Korea, Busan is the place for it. The port city is known for its laid-back atmosphere, beaches, natural hot springs, and reserves. and great If you want to indulge in some mouth-watering street food, Busan will not disappoint. It is also a popular tourist attraction during festivals. You can capture some exquisite snaps for sure.

Scottish Highlands

Looking to be closer to nature? You can count on exploring many hidden gems in the Scottish Highlands. There is everything from picturesque cities, breath-taking countryside, to majestic coasts. You can go around exploring mythical castles and Highland music, witness the magical mountains, opt for thrilling adventures and look around the rare wildlife. The Scottish Highlands really are the perfect backdrop for your adventure.

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This is your destination to explore the community setting. The landlocked country of northeast-central mainland Southeast Asia is known for its diverse landscape. It has the beauty of forested mountains, upland plateaus and lowland plains. But Laos will also win you over with its equally diverse population. Largely united through agriculture, the lowland Lao follows traditions of Buddhism and the boun.


Up on the list of places you can visit during family vacations, Switzerland takes the crown. The country has a beautiful view of more than half the country being covered by the Alps. There is Lake Constance in the north worth visiting for both winter and water sport. And Lake Geneva in the south. The scenic view is truly a paradise on Earth. The temperate climate, stunning locations, and scrumptious food make it the perfect travel destination. And don’t forget to enjoy the famous Swiss chocolates.


New Zealand

The magical place is on the list of adventure locations you must see in 2023. New Zealand has stunning roads and scenery to cherish. The bluest of beaches, making it a great fit for surfers and other water sports. It has magical mountain peaks like Roy’s Peak that can offer you once in a lifetime hike experience. The cityscape is just as extraordinary.

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