This PUBG Playing Guy from Delhi Killed His Parents

Suraj, a 19-year-old guy from Delhi, has been reportedly prisoned by the police for the alleged crime of murdering his parents and sister. Suraj alias Sarnam Verma was a high-time PUBG addict who slaughtered his parents and sister mercilessly with a knife. He tried to play a master trick of projecting the case as a robbery after ransacking his house. The police suspected him to be the convict, charged him for the crime and arrested him the same day.

According to family relatives, Suraj was found to be decent but neighbours spattered the air by disclosing to the police that there was dissent between him and his family. Suraj was repeatedly scolded by his parents to concentrate on studies and refrain from wasting time on PUBG and other issues. He started feeling envious of her sister who used to leak all the secrets of her brother to her parents. Suraj even failed to pass class-12 and was terribly disappointed for getting blamed. In a bid to repair the impaired career of Suraj, his father got him admitted to a private college in Gurgaon for a diploma in civil engineering.

Before committing the heinous crime, Suraj behaved perfectly with his family members. He even dared to see the photo album with his parents till midnight. According to an official statement, he woke up at 3 am in the morning and stabbed his father multiple times. Following that, he stabbed his mother suppressing her effort in raising an alarm. Later on, Suraj went to his sister’s room and even stabbed her in the neck. His mother tried to save her daughter but the guy repeatedly stabbed his mom and went on to stab his sister in the stomach.

Suraj in his next step despoiled the domestic arrangement and scrubbed his fingerprints from the knife. He then informed his neighbours about the crime. The police took him into custody but the convicted didn’t display any signs of compassion although he kept on murmuring ‘please save me from the law’. The family members of Suraj got cremated and Suraj was denied to complete the last rituals for his parents. The last rites were offered by Mithilesh’s brother and nephew. The police asked some of Suraj’s companions to join the probe into the case.

While the investigation was going in full-speed, the police came to know that Suraj took a room in Mehrauli on rent.During the investigation, police came to know that Suraj had taken a room on rent in Mehrauli where he used to spend quality time with his 9-10 friends by bunking classes. There were also girls in the group and they used to coordinate via WhatsApp.From sources, the police came to know Suraj was often idolised by his pals for his expertise in playing PUBG and creating master plans for bunking classes. On days in which he used in which he didn’t attend classes, he used to stay at the room from 7 am to 6 pm and play PUBG all the time.

PUBG is an action-packed adventure game in which players engage themselves in wars on a battlefield where they find vehicles and weapons and the last person standing emerges as the winner of the game.

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