Things To Avoid For The Safety Of Your Pets This Diwali


It’s that time of the year again, when India celebrates one of its favourite festivals, the festival of lights, Diwali! While this festival holds different meaning for people from different walks of life, one thing remains common to all that this is a time for families to come together to celebrate. As families across the country observe time to pray together, let’s talk about caring for everyone’s favourite family member during this time of celebration. While there are many things to watch out for, Devanshi Shah, Founder & CEO, Petkonnect shares the most important things to ensure that you and your pet have a safe and enjoyable Diwali.

  1. Fireworks are a big no no! With fireworks being banned across various states, there are still many who enjoy lighting up the streets and skies during the festival. For those indulging, fireworks must not only be burst at a distance but also stored safely away from pets. This will help avoid accidents where fireworks may explode near animals and cause burning, bleeding or high levels of stress and trauma. The unfortunate incident of ingestion can also lead to poisoning from the chemicals in fireworks and prove to be fatal. All in all, they’re best avoided with the additional environmental costs.
  2. The sound from fireworks can also lead to high levels of stress and anxiety in pets. A good way to deal with this anxiety is to keep all doors and windows shut, which helps to reduce the sound from fireworks. This will also help to keep the pollution out which can cause respiratory issues with pets. Turning up the volume of the TV or some music which your pet may be used to or even enjoy can additionally help drown out these sudden and alarming noises.
  3. On these days, it is important to try and finish your pets walks or outings in the day itself so they may be kept indoors for the night. An extra bit of exercise in the day will help to tire out your pet, greatly contributing to lower levels of anxiety and stress. You may also avoid being in the outdoors where one faces the potential of becoming victim to a stray rocket that has greatly fallen off course.
  4. For those hosting Diwali parties, do your best to not lock or chain your pets up. This is one of the greatest causes for anxiety in animals. Rather, allow your pets to mingle in the party as long as they’re friendly. Having said that, pets are known to bite, out of character, when scared due to the noise from fireworks. Do ensure that your pet doesn’t play in or ingest any rangoli which could be toxic, or sneakily partake in an assortment of snacks laid out for guests which tend to be very high in salt and sugar. For those heading out to Diwali parties, try and ensure to not leave your pet alone. If you don’t have a caretaker at home, consider leaving your pet with known family members or friends. This way the animal doesn’t have to deal with the loud and sudden bursts of sound alone.

Lastly, consult a vet prior to Diwali to keep a first aid kit handy. It may prove to be of great use if you find that your vet is unreachable Diwali evening.

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