Thin Hair: Here are the tips to cure them!

Styling hair can be quite a task. With this thin hair texture, it’s challenging to hold curls and have volume. To solve this fight, here are a few regular rules and methods that can give you bouncy and more numerous strands:

1. Replace your shampoo

The best method to get the result is when you rinse your thin hair. Go for volumizing and refining shampoo, that will serve to provide your hair strength.

2. Use the conditioner the best route

If you like to modify your thin hair, utilize it at hair ends and not the skull region. You can further use a hair serum after washing your hair at the ends, to evade knots.

3. Use a blow dryer

After cleansing your hair, flip your hair upside down for any air drying. Once it's less humid, use a blow dryer with a rounded brush. Next, flip your hair back above and wipe the base of your hair. Lastly, let your hair fall for some time before you head down.

4. Use rollers

If you have time, you can utilize Velcro rollers after blow-drying your hair. Roll the front-section hair from the head and fix with clips. You can retain it for 15 to 20 minutes to get any bounce at the beginning.

5. Do back-combing

A different way to get quantity is to back-comb and tease your hair. You can take out parts to build texture and size.

6. Put dry shampoo handy

For those days your hair looks dull, apply dry shampoo. It will give your hair strength and absorb up the excess oil in a jiffy.


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