These dishes from 29 states in India how Indian food is different in the World

It is said that for every kilometre that you step in India. All 29 recipes from 29 states in India have a distinct taste and cuisine style, the food and the taste differences. The diversity in India is not just limited to the music of the word that is delivered, but also in the food that is made. Each state in India can be categorised based on the menu that can be seen there, varying from the most extravagant to the most modest of products. Indian food is just the most distinct in the world. Here is a complete food guide for the next time the travel bug bites you and you need to make your to-do list. After all, isn’t food the main reason why you’d walk that extra kilometre or take the next flight.

1. Andhra Pradesh – Ulava Charu
This dish originated from horse gram is halfway among rasam and soup. Served with rice and cream, it is relished on special occasions.

 2. Arunachal Pradesh – Bamboo Shoot
Made in many ways, this is consumed fried, pickled or boiled.

 3. Assam – Khar
It is a curry prepared from meat, pulses, raw papaya and taro. It has a unique taste and is consumed with rice.

4. Bihar – Litti Chokha
Dumplings filled with sattu and soaked in ghee are served with crushed potato or eggplants that have been spiced with onions and chillies.

5. Chhattisgarh – Chila
Fed in all parts of India, this flat chapatti made of rice batter and urad dal is simple to cook and amazingly delicious.

6. Goa – Goan Prawn Curry
The best seafood is the food of the area, and when it is made in sweet, spicy and tangy tastes, it becomes all the more mouthwatering.

7. Gujarat – Khandvi
Thin layers of gram flour seasoned with herbs makes for a good night meal or breakfast item.

8. Haryana – Kair Sangri ki Sabji
The dried desert beans cooked in spices work fine with both rice and roti.

9. Himachal Pradesh – Bhey
It is a mixture of lotus stem that is prepared in seasonings, ginger, garlic, and onion.

10. Jammu & Kashmir – Rogan Josh
A lamb dish that is deemed a delicacy; it is prepared in flavours of onion, yogurt and spices. It is completed with either rice or naan.

11. Jharkhand – Dhuska
A breakfast favourite, this rice flour, and pulses mixture have a unique flavour because of the seasonings it is imbued by.

12. Karnataka – Akki Roti
Composed of rice flour; these rotis are the perfect chords during your meals.

13. Kerala – Puttu
Made of rice flour combined with coconut and water, it is heated and eaten with different curries.

14. Madhya Pradesh – Poha
Made of flat rice, this dish is eaten for breakfast over the country but has its roots here. Flavoured with onions, tomato and curry leave it is considered quite well.

15. Maharashtra – Misal Pav
A breakfast staple in the category of Maharashtra, due to its essence and how pleasant it is, people usually end up having it for other meals as well. A fresh blend of sprouted moth beans prepared in a spicy gravy with coriander, tomatoes and crunchy farsan, paired with pav (bread) gives it the best plan.

16. Manipur – Eromba

Made of a variety of fish called Ngari, it is a pleasant mixture of vegetables and fermented fish.

17. Meghalaya – Jadoh
It is red rice cooked with a piece of pork meat. Composed with a blend of spices, apart from the taste, the colour of the dish is also very appealing.

18. Mizoram – Bai
It is made using a lot of locally available herbs and spices which provides it with a distinct flavour. The main components include vegetables, pork and bamboo shoots.

19. Nagaland – Aikibeye
It is a dish composed of mustard leaf and colocasia roots. It is cooked with very fewer spices and is a perfect addition to the more flavorful foods of the time.

20. Odisha – khichdi
The Oriya translation of the humble Khichdi, this dish is made by boiling rice and lentils in ghee and is agreed to Lord Jagannath at the magnificent Jagannath Temple.

21. Punjab – Sarson Ka Saag
This dish is identical with the state of Punjab. Consumed with makkai ki roti, it is a winter staple and is served with a significant bit of ghee.

22. Rajasthan – Dal Baati Churma
Stuffed dumplings made in clay ovens and eaten with dal, churma and a lot of ghee is the treasure from Rajasthan.

23. Sikkim – Momos
For this dish, lentils are dried overnight and baked in a pot to be served at lunchtime.

24. Tamil Nadu – Chicken 65
There is no shortage of chicken recipes in India, but the blend of spices in this keeps you going back for more. The story back the name varies, but what lives compatible is the delicate taste of the dish!

25. Telangana – Hyderabadi Biryani
Biryani is practically a religion in India, and the city of Hyderabad is identical with Biryani. Served with salad and raita, this a meal for power.

26. Tripura – Mui Borok
It is a minute, oil-pasted and dry fermented fish. Considered to be very healthy, it is organic, mild and aromatic in flavour.

27. Uttar Pradesh – Galouti Kebab
Food of the Nawabs, the kebabs blend in your jaws, and you can never stop at just one.

28. Uttarakhand – Phaanu
For this dish, lentils are dried overnight and baked in a pot to be subserved at lunchtime.

29. West Bengal – Ilish Bhapa
You cannot be in the nation of Bengalis and not try fish! Almost regarded sacred, the Ilish Bhapa is observed in every home along with bowls of the most delicate rasgullas! Each meal is sure to ‘spice’ up your life and proffers you longing any more!

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